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Daily Archives: 01/10/2016

A unique Christmas Gift

A unique Christmas Gift

Not long to go now and it is once again Christmas time, give your partner a unique Christmas gift!  We may have posted this a little too soon, but if you are going to choose a boudoir photography session for you partner you will need to book soon so that we can take the images and have any books or prints ready in time for Christmas.  Send us an email and we can schedule your dates for the shoot.

If you are stuck for a gift why not think of giving your partner a coffee table booklet with you as the main feature, you can make is as conservative or risque as you desire.  Imagine their surprise when you give a gift that is so thoughtful and loving. This is the perfect gift for the partner that has everything, or if you really do not know what to buy them for Christmas then here is a gift they are going to love.  It will give you an excuse to dress up, have a complete makeover and be a star for the morning or the whole day, you get to choose.

Many Boudoir Photography clients are not too sure exactly what they want, we insist on having a pre-meeting with all of our clients, although 95% of them are face to face we can do these telephonic or through social media, here we can give you ideas or you can simply just leave it to us.  In the video below are a few ideas for you, you don’t just need Christmas as an excuse to give a boudoir photo present, we can make a sensual video for you too, lets just find the write music and then we will add the images from your shoot into a one of a kind movie for your partner.