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Daily Archives: 04/10/2016

Some advice to new models

I came across this blog the other day, written by  Jen Brook an active professional model, this could be very useful to new and aspiring models and possibly some of our clients, Jen has some lovely ideas in it.

How do you pose, where do you place your hands, when you raise your hands are you moving your arm towards the lights throwing off the photographers light reading?  These are all topics that she covers within the post, this will help you along when working with a professional photographer.

Posing and knowing how to pose are very important skills to learn as a new photographer, it is a skill you need to learn and practise every day.  There are so many resources available to assist you learning.  We regularly post posing ideas on our Pinterest site.  You need to learn what your best features are and how they translate into a photograph.  I would highly recommend that you actually book a photographer you admire to create some decent portfolio images for you.  You may want to save up so  that you can get a variety of images with different looks, outfits and sets.

5 ways to improve your chances of getting hired as a model:

  1. Learn a variety of poses you can effortlessly  move into.
  2. Learn a number of facial expressions, happy, sad, sensual, surprised etc.
  3. Learn how to do your own makeup and only purchase makeup products that shoot well photographically.
  4. Start adding to your modelling wardrobe and have a suitcase full of items you can use, also pack an iron so that your clothing always looks sleek.
  5. Know what a key light is and learn how to model to the key light.

For our boudoir photography clients, you can read through this but you don’t have to get it perfect, you not being paid to do a shoot so we will take that stress away from you and show you exactly what to do.

Some advice to new models