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Daily Archives: 08/10/2016

Nude BodyScaping

Nude Photography Tourism

Nude Photography has so many forms and styles, we particularly like bodyscape photography, some say that the phrase bodyscape was originated by photographer Robert Farber.

The great thing about this form of nude photography is that it makes the perfect canvas to hang anywhere in the house, unless you choose to have a more erotic shoot, where you may only want the picture hung in your bedroom.

Nude BodyScaping can make almost any person of any size an art form, by working with lights and shadows, parts of your body are transformed into unique art pieces. Correct bodyscape photography will give you the opportunity of seeing your figure in a way that you have never seen before. How explicit you want the images will depend on your end goal, is it going to be intimate and for your partner only, or is it going to be that converted piece of artwork hung in your bedroom. Working with lights and shadows parts of your body are transformed into unique art pieces.

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