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Definitions of Sensual Photography

Definitions of Sensual Photography

When Michelangelo and Botticelli painted beautiful images of woman and men naked, they were not frowned upon by society, but rather celebrated for the beauty they created. I find it sad that in this day and age so many people appear to be so adverse to nudity. There may be a fine line between porn and nude, but to my photographic eye there is a huge difference, porn tends to be very much in your face, with no mystery and is about sex. Nude photography is generally considered a genre of art photography depicting the nude human body, it is more subtle and alluring, playing with shadows and using softer colours so that one admires the naked form, rather than lusting after it.

Many of our clients request nude photographs, but are unsure what to expect. So exactly what does Boudoir Fusion Photography see as implied nude, nude, erotic and adult photography, these are our definitions?


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Implied Nude

Similar to FHM Magazine. The title expresses exactly what this form of photography is, it implies that you are not wearing any clothing but no “naughty bits” are showing. Sometimes less is more when nudes are being shot and implied nudes can be considered as being very tasteful and not obscene. Sometimes your buttocks will be shown.

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Similar to Playboy Magazine. This is where your breasts and bum are showing, your other “naughty bits” will be covered or just covered by clothing or shadowed.

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Full Nude

Again, similar to Playboy magazine and art galleries. This is where your entire body will be photographed naked, the images will all be tastefully shot, we will strive to show you in the best light possible.

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Artistic Nude

Found in art galleries. These images are posed in an interesting manner and artfully lit with parts of your body heavily shaded.

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Erotic Nude

Found art galleries. Provocative expressions are used and particular attention is drawn to your “”naughty bits”, this form of photography has a sexually suggestive component, and often stretches the imagination.

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Adult Nude

Similar to Hustler Magazine. Sexually explicit poses are used, often engaging or suggesting that you are about to engage in a sexual act.

Boudoir Sensual Adult photos

Although many of our clients will not even consider going naked, for those of you that do, the above is a rough guideline for you to follow to enable us to know exactly what you are wanting to achieve so we can best deliver and meet with your expectations and design a private and personalised photographic experience, giving you the images that you want.

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Fifty Shades of Fantasy – creating a safe space for sensual expression

Fifty Shades of Fantasy – creating a safe space for sensual expression

We All Want Control

If the #MeToo revelations have taught us anything – and they have taught us a lot – it has been about misogyny.  We’ve learned that women want to be treated with respect.  Women also want to feel love and connection.  These days,  a woman will explain that she must be able to feel safe, and she must be able to do this while dreaming about 50 Shades of Grey. (more…)

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Baby it’s Stormy Outside – women’s sensuality in a new era

Baby it’s Stormy Outside – women’s sensuality in a new era

Baby, it’s cold outside….

No man should ever touch a woman without her permission, let’s begin with that.  There is no excuse for the assumption that no really means yes.  It goes without saying that a man should not be putting drugs into a woman’s drink.  But when the news went out that the old song ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ was accused of being a date rape anthem this week and should, therefore, be banned, it came as a shock.  I hadn’t heard the song in so long I’d no idea there was a need to ban it.


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