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Boudoir Fusion Photography

Every Woman Deserves to Feel Beautiful

Boudoir Photographyby GXG, Social Worker, model and a client of Boudoir Fusion Photography

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Every woman IS beautiful.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you look like, or what you do. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, or even grand-kids. Regardless of your stretch marks, scars, blemishes, or that tiny birth mark just under your right knee that irritates you to no end. You are beautiful.

In my experience as a model I’ve come to realize that every woman has insecurities. Even those women you look at and wonder what she could ever possibly hate about herself because, in your eyes, she’s perfect. From the likes of Tyra Banks right down to the average soccer mom, every woman has that something.

For this reason I think that anyone could benefit from a photo shoot. Just one, just once. Go on and treat yourself.

I know the common misconception is that only those leggy blondes in the Victoria’s Secrets catalogue can pull off Boudoir but that simply isn’t true. Not with the right photographer anyway. People compliment us all the time, they try to downplay our insecurities and most of the time it’s just water off a duck’s back. You know that saying “seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes”?

Well, the camera has a way of doing this. A lot of models will tell you that the lens sees them in a way that they never could, but the truth is that the camera sees you as you are, minus all the little things that bring you down.

When you see these photo’s, you see the real you. The sexy, feminine and beautiful person that’s really in all of us. And the opportunity to see this truth is an experience you’ll never forget.

So even if you only ever do just that one shoot just that once, it’ll last a lifetime. And you’ll realize that all those pictures you sit envying are taken of women, just like you. Women with hang-ups and insecurities. The only difference is that they were willing to take that chance. Are you?

A picture really does speak a thousand words so maybe it’s time you gave yourself a chance to listen.

How to deal with Bad Hair days

How to deal with Bad Hair days boudoir photographyMany of our clients coming for a boudoir photography shoot, start to panic at the last minute as they have a hair problem, the best thing you can do is thoroughly prepare for your boudoir shoot, and although we discuss this during your pre-meeting you can also review some guidelines on our website. Sometimes you kitchen has all of the answers to assist you, the ingredients are all natural and maybe even available in your cupboard or fridge for immediate use!

Here are a few recipes that could help:

Do you suffer from dry hair?


  • 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 Eggs

Combine the above and then massage into your hair, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse. The protein from the egg will allegedly promote hair healthy hair growth and the olive oil will work on hydrating brittle hair.

Do you suffer from oily Hair?


  • 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • Grated peel of an entire lemon

Combine the above, massage into your hair and allow it to set for 15 minutes then rinse. It is alleged that the excess oil will be absorbed. The apple cider vinegar will remove the build up from your conditioners and styling gels as well as strengthen the hair shaft, this should leave you with soft, shiny strands. It is also a cure for dandruff and can balance the hair’s PH as well as killing any bacteria.

Do you suffer from dry and flaky scalp hair?


  • 1/2 a ripe banana
  • two tablespoons of honey
  • few drops of almond oil
  • Shower cap

How to deal with Bad Hair daysMash the banana and then combine the honey and almond oil. Massage into your hair, concentrate on your scalp, allow it to set for 20 minutes while wearing a shower cap, then rinse. Bananas can smooth the frizz, sooth an itchy scalp and increase the moisture of your hair.

All Hair types:


  • 1 Ripe Avacado
  • 1 Tablespoon of Organic Honey

Combine the Avo and Honey, massage into your hair and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before you rinse it off. Honey is a natural antibacterial agent. Avo’s are rich in nutrients and vitamins as well as containing protein and vitamin E.

Bring your hair back to life, moisturise and revitalise it with one of the recipes above and your hair should be in better shape for your Boudoir Photography shoot.

What is Nude Photography?

Nude Photographer

When Michelangelo and Botticelli painted beautiful images of woman and men naked, they were not frowned upon by society, but rather celebrated for the beauty they created. I find it sad that in this day and age so many people appear to be so adverse to nudity. There may be a fine line between porn and nude, but to my photographic eye there is a huge difference, porn tends to be very much in your face, with no mystery and is about sex. Nude photography is generally considered a genre of art photography depicting the nude human body, it is more subtle and alluring, playing with shadows and using softer colours so that one admires the naked form, rather than lusting after it.

Many of our clients request nude photographs, but are unsure what to expect. So exactly what does Boudoir Fusion Photography see as nude photography?

Implied Nude: Similar to FHM Magazine. The title expresses exactly what this form of photography is, it implies that you are not wearing any clothing but no “naughty bits” are showing. Sometimes less is more when nudes are being shot and implied nudes can be considered as being very tasteful and not obscene. Sometimes your buttocks will be shown.

Semi-nude: Similar to Playboy Magazine. This is where your breasts and bum are showing, your other “naughty bits” will be covered or just covered by clothing or shadowed.

Full Nude: Again, similar to Playboy magazine and art galleries. This is where your entire body will be photographed naked, the images will all be tastefully shot, we will strive to show you in the best light possible.

Artistic Nude: Found in art galleries. These images are posed in an interesting manner and artfully lit with parts of your body heavily shaded.

Erotic Nude: Found art galleries. Provocative expressions are used and particular attention is drawn to your “”naughty bits”, this form of photography has a sexually suggestive component, and often stretches the imagination.

Adult Nude: Similar to Hustler Magazine. Sexually explicit poses are used, often engaging or suggesting that you are about to engage in a sexual act.

Although many of our clients will not even consider going naked, for those of you that do, the above is a rough guideline for you to follow to enable us to know exactly what you are wanting to achieve so we can best deliver and meet with your expectations and design a private and personalised photographic experience, giving you the images that you want.

Bondage Photography

Boudoir Photography South Africa

I recently posted an image on two separate social media sites depicting a bondage photograph.  Some have asked, is this boudoir photography? Our goal is to fuse various forms of photography under the heading of Boudoir Fusion Photography and we will photograph what our clients’ request.  So be it bondage photography or any other form of sensual photography we will endeavour to create art out of your ideas.

Posting this image brought about some very interesting comments, from; “seis, this is disgusting”, to “Now that will make for sensual sexy delectable photos!!!”

I am going to endeavour to explain this photograph in greater detail.

This type of rope bondage is called Shibari a Japanese word that means “to bind” or “to tie”. The rope artist will create geometric patterns and shapes that contrast with the natural curves of a female’s body. The rope used is usually a 6mm or 8mm hemp rope.

From my limited knowledge and researching a few articles that I have read, Shibari, apart from being aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to some people, can also form part of a massage similar to Shiatsu due to the placing of the ropes and knots on various pressure points.

Bondage should never be forced, it is done with trust between mutually consensual people. We see it as a work of art and beautifully translates to photography.

Facial Expressions for Boudoir Photography

Facial Expressions for Boudoir Photography

When you book a boudoir photography or any other intimate shoot with us we try to capture a number of different emotions from laughter to thinking about your partner, there are so many different Facial Expressions for Boudoir Photography.

Many of our clients are really concerned about posing and facial expressions that will be used during their boudoir shoot, I am briefly going to chat about facial expressions.

Yes, you can practice looking happy, sad, sensual, contemplative and a whole lot of other looks in front of the mirror, but you don’t have to, we will assist you throughout your boudoir session. If we are not asking you to look a certain way, you are probably doing exactly what we want. If we really want you to laugh, trust us we will make you laugh! There are not that many clients that have not said that the shoot was exhilarating and fun and they knew exactly what to do all the time as they were being directed.

Here is a brief example of some of the looks that we might ask you to achieve:

Alluring: Here you need to create a look to get your partner to desire you.
Blissful: Here you need to show a state of happiness or contentment.
Dreamy: You will look like you are distracted by daydreaming or fantasising.

Once you are ready to start your set, think of the following:

Posture and Angles: Remember to keep your shoulders back and sit tall, elongating your neck and tilt your chin, just a bit. If you are standing up put your weight on your back leg and always turn slightly.
Eyes: We will get you to look serious, smile and even laugh, in most cases keep your tongue behind your teeth, unless you are pulling it out, but wait this section is about your eyes. Keeping your eyes on the camera the whole time can be difficult so look away or close your eyes and then bring them back to the camera, always look slightly above the lens, try to read the brand of the camera above the lens. Always look at where the light source is, (it could be coming through the window or it will be where the flash is coming from), then keep your eyes towards the light source as that sparkle in your eyes is what makes a good picture.

A day with a professional model

We had a really great day on got the opportunity to spend a day with a professional model, Maureen who is such a pleasure to work with, she has an amazing personality and a lot of patience as well as knowing what to do and anticipating the next shot naturally moving into positing, which is a pleasure in itself when shooting nude bodyscapes. You do not have to be a professional model to do nude photography as we will always willingly show you have to pose and tell you what what to do and you will get a workout as part of the experience as no matter how small you are you are going to regularly be told to pull your tummy in and contort your body.

The reason that Maureen, our model for the day, was a pleasure to work with on the day is that we had what we call a “play day”, which is where we get to experiment with new sets, equipment, ideas and not to mention our outfits and clothes.

A day with a professional model

We started off with shooting some nude photos and concentrated on bodyscapes, which was quite challenging as it was a very cold day and we were working with a spray can and oil, but two gas heaters and lots of tea and coffee with some good music soon got all of us into the swing of the shoot! We got a number of shots we were all happy with. Maureen had the most amazing arch, as depicted in an image on the right, so thank you for all the time and inspiration you brought to the shoot.

Hopefully we will get to publish some of the more outrageous shots that we took as we are looking to expand what we offer in terms of boudoir photography and are looking at doing some boudoir fashion shots. One of the things we can attest to is that Nude BodyScaping is going to become a lot more popular amongst our clients, no-matter what type of shoot they book.

50 Shades of Boudoir

Boudoir PhotographyLadies, if you are a touch shy about your sexuality – like so many of our customers are prior to a boudoir photography shoot -see the mail from one of our ladies below (published with her full permission) then have a think about whether you might also be interested in her SAFE inquiry.

“I am one of those supposedly quiet unassuming “ladies” who wouldn’t let butter melt in her mouth – or so it may seem to those who meet me. I have a little secret though – I have an alter ego in the bedroom and reading 50 Shades of Grey has just lit that little fire again!

It is true what they say about the book by EL James – it isn’t a runaway success for nothing!

I am a woman who wants to experience more than just “vanilla” in the bedroom. I am nervous about all the “trappings” of the type of bondage etc used. I do think though that if Boudoir Fusion Photography can accommodate my fantasy, without the need for “Safewords” and just through photography and a little glass of bubbly to help me feel a little more relaxed, it will help me to express my bedroom preferences to my partner. Without the need for me to go into the sometimes embarrassing detail . I think it might also just reignite our passion for each other and find the fun again in our relationship – SAFELY! Who knows where it might lead!

I would love to capture some of the images from the book – but with ME as the character – what a surprise that would be for my partner.

So Boudoir Fusion – what can you do to help me have fun and stay safe?”

This client was obviously shy and embarrassed so we had asked her to mail us the sections of the book that she was interested in “re-enacting” for the shoot.

We have done a number of erotic shoots for some of our clients that we would not post on Facebook or on our website, there is a gallery that is password protected within our website which is only available to clients that have paid a deposit, obviously all the images used would be done so with permission.  This area has been created to give you a few ideas for your shoot.

Before and After images

Boudoir Photography is for all women of all shapes, ages and sizes, we feel that there is sensuality on every woman, some of you may just have to rediscover it, and one fantastic way to do that would be through a boudoir photography shoot.

You can visit our website to find out more about our prices and packages.

Below are a few before and after images of our lovely clients, please note that we always get permission from our clients before we publish any images. The changes in boudoir photography are achieved through our awesome makeovers from our in house make up artist, set designer, fashion assistant, lighting, photography and post editing to give you that cover girl finish.

Before and After Boudoir photography

6 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

There are many different reasons as why to have a boudoir photography shoot, here are a few:

  1. You need to often pamper yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous, what better way to spoil yourself. You may choose a boudoir photography shoot in your new lingerie, or a nude photography shoot just to celebrate the woman you are.
  2. A wedding gift, we think that this could be the best present the groom could receive, imagine coming for a Wedding Whispers shoot, you choose some sensual, alluring and romantic images of yourself, we edit these and put them into a coffee table booklet for you. While you are getting ready and the groom is waiting, send the bridesmaid out with the book for the groom, tell her to let him know that this is waiting for him under your gorgeous wedding dress!
  3. Many of our clients were stumped with an idea for their partners wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift, or that was until they found us and did a boudoir photography session and surprised them with a coffee table booklet where they were the star.
  4. Ever wanted to be the calendar pin up girl, well here is your opportunity to have a theme for each month, be it Back to School in January, A Bunny over Easter, A naughty Santa helper over Christmas, we can help you put some ideas together to give your partner a personalised calendar.
  5. Want to spoil the girls with a party with a difference, well a boudoir photography party will be one that you will all talk about for years to come, not only that , you will also get some fabulous images of yourselves.
  6. Want to commemorate a special occasion such as your 30th, 50th or beyond? What about getting those new boobs you have always wanted? We can assist you with a package for all your needs.

We had a client last year that wanted to surprise her husband and did a shoot with us and had all the edits transferred to a DVD, she checked into a hotel room with him and while he was in the shower slipped the DVD into the hotel room entertainment system, it took him a few minutes to realise the babe on the television was actually his wife, she said they did not leave the room much that weekend.

In summary you never need a reason to do a shoot as you will always find a reason, celebrate yourself and book a boudoir photography session with us.

Frequently asked Questions

This is not your everyday family portrait shoot and is something very different to what you would do every day! For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience and with that many questions could come to mind.

The following frequently asked question list will hopefully cover many of the questions that you may have from wardrobe selection to what to do on a boudoir photography shoot to selecting your final product.

What is boudoir photography?

The beauty industry is thriving, as we love to pamper ourselves and spend an enormous amount of time and money in doing so be it purchasing the latest beauty products, fashion accessories, a new hair style, manicure, pedicures, fitness and even plastic surgery all to make us feel beautiful.

Boudoir photography is a lifelong investment in yourself as we will document and capture your beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

We are not interested in your body type or age as boudoir photography is for all shapes and sizes , our goal is to offer all women the incredible opportunity to commission their own collection of stunning and modern boudoir photography images. We will bring out and concentrate on your best features and provide you with something truly unique to show you how beautiful you are.

Our sessions are designed around your personality to give as a gift to yourself, or as a romantic gift to your partner, these sessions are designed with you in mind.

What products and packages do you offer and how much is a boudoir photography session?

Please view our Products gallery on our website to see what we offer. Send us an email to find out about our current investment guide in which you will find all of our products and packages designed for you. If you are impatient, then simply visit our website for all of our products and packages.

My boudoir photography session is now booked so how do I prepare?

Once you have paid your deposit and secured a booking, we will have a pre meeting with you to allay all of your fears as well as discuss what to wear, or what not to wear. We will discuss what to do with your hair, eyebrow shaping, tanning, waxing and moisturising.

I am uncomfortable with nudity, what now?

How much you take off or leave on is purely up to your comfort levels, we have some clients that are really comfortable with their bodies and nudity and actually request a nude photography shoot, while others are a little more reserved. The choice can be left up to how comfortable you feel on the day. No always means no, so if we suggest anything you feel uncomfortable with tell us, this shoot is about you and your comfort levels. If you are uncomfortable that will translate to the final images and that is not the goal. Sexy is not always about how much you show but how you show it. Many men say that leaving something to the imagination is much sexier than baring all. If you do decide on a nude shoot we strive to give you classy and sensual images.

I am extremely nervous about my boudoir photography shoot, is this normal?

Don’t panic, it’s a natural feeling, even some professional models have admitted that they have been nervous before a shoot. We will guide you through the entire process from telling you how to pose to when to smile or just give us that sexy look. We show you how to get that sultry look and what to do with your head and hands, your goal is just to look fabulous. We know which angles to capture all body types to accentuate your beauty. We design our packages to allow you plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable, as already stated, this shows in the final images. So leave everything to us and relax and enjoy your experience.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

We have a makeup artist that will do your makeup before the shoot and any touch ups you ask for during the shoot. We would like to recommend that you have your hair done prior to your selected boudoir photography session but can, at your cost, arrange for a hairdresser to be present either before the shoot or for the duration of your shoot.

What should I bring to my boudoir photography shoot and can you assist with my wardrobe?

We have a large selection of corsets, stockings, shoes and lingerie and we will see if we have your size during our pre meeting. We would recommend that you bring a variety of lingerie, jewellery and shoes with killer heels to the pre meeting so that we can best match it to the sets and boudoir shoot you decide upon.

How to select your lingerie:

  • bra and panty sets,
  • teddy,
  • a corset,
  • garters,
  • chemise,
  • camisole,
  • thigh high stockings and robes.
  • Black is often seen as the standard in sexy, but don’t forget that all colours are great and may give you a pleasant variety of looks to your final images.
  • Brides why don’t you bring your favourite white lingerie or better yet, the lingerie you plan to wear on your wedding day, we do have a veil and white garters but again, if you prefer to.
  • a variety of high heels and high boots,
  • a personal item of your significant other
  • jewellery; particularly that favourite piece of yours
  • hats,
  • scarves,
  • ties.
  • Some of our clients have brought a piece of their partner’s favourite clothing or sporting equipment, have a look through our galleries for inspiration.

I have a little problem area that I don’t like about by body – is there anything you can do?

We offer advanced retouching services that include skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement, you decide on which wrinkles, acne, scars and tattoos you want left in, we don’t want to change you, we just want to give you that cover girl look.

When do I get to see my images and when will they be ready?

You will get to see your images immediately after your shoot after which we will take 14 – 21 working days to get your images back to you.

How many images can I choose and how many will you take on a session?

We take a number of images during your shoot, it all depends on the package you choose as to how many we will take and how many we edit, please visit our website for full details on the above. We will endeavour to keep your images for several years so if, at a later date you require additional images we can usually assist you with your request.

Will my images be shown on your website or in your studio?

We will only show images on our website, Facebook, Blog and studio if we get a full signed modelling release from you, so you can be rest assured, if you want to keep the shoot totally private we will not publicise any of our images. Your images will only be seen by our photographer, stylist and editor. We fully respect and understand the privacy of our clients.

I’d love to give a boudoir photography session as a gift. How do I go about doing that?

Visit our website to choose the package that you would like to gift and either call us or drop us an email to let us know. We will prepare a voucher, custom designed, with your details as well as the details of the person to whom you are giving the gift.

If you still have any further questions that have not been answered above, please do not hesitate to call us to speak with us directly. We will be happy to help you.

If you have read this far, you are probably really serious about doing a shoot, we think that Boudoir Fusion Photography can offer you what you are looking for and look forward to seeing you soon.