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Boudoir Fusion Photography

What to wear? Black Magic

This is a question asked by all of our clients in preparation for their boudoir photo session and not only limited to what to wear when you go out.  For some it may be what not to wear.

We have a number of different packages available for you to choose from and these can be seen on our website, the reason that this is important is that some packages have more sets and outfit changes than others.

  • Stilettos
    Lacy Lingerie, silky lingerie and sexy lingerie, don’t worry if you don’t have any as we have a large selection that you can use if you don’t have any of your own.
    Corsets (we do have a stock that you can purchase directly from us)
  • A Push Up Bra
  • Several G-Strings, please try to ensure that you have a black, white and flesh coloured thong on the day of your Boudoir Photography Shoot.
  • Further Suggestions:
    • a nice dress shirt belonging to your partner/fiancé/husband/boyfriend can make the photos very personal.
    • Jerseys from a favourite team either of you support.
    • If your partner is into certain sports like cricket, golf, rugby , etc. possibly bringing some sort of prop to identify this sport will be good.
Ms. Black Magic


About Boudoir Photography

About Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography has many different forms and connotations associated with it.  We see boudoir photography as an art-form and have included the term “fusion” as we like to fuse boudoir photography with nude, glamour, sensual, erotic, burlesque, lingerie and fashion photography.  Above all, we simply like to focus our photography on you and what suits your character.

There is also a misconception that you need to be a skinny waif to partake in a session – well we beg to differ!  Beauty is not about being young, skinny, fit or in perfect shape.  Beauty is about being yourself and capturing the woman you are forever…

Our clients have come from all walks of life from housewife through to rocket scientist!

Boudoir Photography is the perfect gift for your partner, your lover or even just as a gift to yourself.  If you are stumped for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s present, then a boudoir session is going to have to be the ultimate sensual gift that your partner will cherish.

We have number of packages available to choose from, visit our website for details on all of our packages.

Boudoir Fusion Photography will have a pre meeting with you preferably in person to assess your character and tailor make a shoot to highlight your best features. Our goals will be to create artistic portraits that you can use on Facebook and images that will be private for you and your partner or yourself.

Welcome to our Boudoir Photography Blog

Welcome to our new boudoir photography blog page.

Boudoir Fusion Photography specialises in making you look and feel glamorous, we are a dedicated boudoir photography studio based in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We specialise in the following forms of photography:

  • Boudoir photography,
  • Nude Photography,
  • Couples Photography,
  • Makeover Portrait Photography
  • Fitness Photography,
  • Glamour Photography,
  • Sensual Photography,
  • Lingerie Photography,
  • Burlesque Photography,
  • Wedding Boudoir,
  • and other similar forms of photography

We have a large variety of props, clothing and sets.