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Boudoir Photography, private album

In the article Boudoir Photography: Not for the family album, the opening statement reads; boudoir photography is more tasteful than tacky and for most clients it does indeed boost their self-esteem.

So now what?

Boudoir PhotographyIt is difficult to decide on how to present your images to your partner. Most of our clients opt for a coffee table book. Its refreshing to see that woman aren’t afraid to bare them selves and to put those results into print, its a huge compliment to our boudoir photography, but most of all an amazing experience for us to see our clients so happy with their boudoir results.

In 2014 we will be introducing some more exciting products for the presentation of your boudoir images :

  • 75x75mm accordion photobook
  • A genuine leather hand stitched Ultimate Photobook with the option of your own personalised cover, so watch our site for further details.
  • Gift boxes with your favourite images printed and mounted and presented in a private gift box.

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