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Boudoir Photography on You Tube

We have started a Boudoir Photography channel on YouTube, we have taken a number of our photographs and put them into short movies, we hope that you enjoy these, you can request a video of your shoot where we will do a similar compilation with your photographs.  Noe one video will be the same, each of them will be unique and play completely differently, so you will be purchasing a one of a kind product.

We plan on making a movie of an entire boudoir photography shoot in the near future, but in the meantime we would like to invite you to like and share our YouTube channel.

Boudoir Posing Ideas, part 5

Some more posing ideas for your boudoir photography session, remember that these girls are paid a vast amount of money to look good and natural in front of the camera, your goal is to visit us and experience your shoot as an amateur and allow us to pose you correctly.

A unique Christmas Gift

A unique Christmas Gift

Not long to go now and it is once again Christmas time, give your partner a unique Christmas gift!  We may have posted this a little too soon, but if you are going to choose a boudoir photography session for you partner you will need to book soon so that we can take the images and have any books or prints ready in time for Christmas.  Send us an email and we can schedule your dates for the shoot.

If you are stuck for a gift why not think of giving your partner a coffee table booklet with you as the main feature, you can make is as conservative or risque as you desire.  Imagine their surprise when you give a gift that is so thoughtful and loving. This is the perfect gift for the partner that has everything, or if you really do not know what to buy them for Christmas then here is a gift they are going to love.  It will give you an excuse to dress up, have a complete makeover and be a star for the morning or the whole day, you get to choose.

Many Boudoir Photography clients are not too sure exactly what they want, we insist on having a pre-meeting with all of our clients, although 95% of them are face to face we can do these telephonic or through social media, here we can give you ideas or you can simply just leave it to us.  In the video below are a few ideas for you, you don’t just need Christmas as an excuse to give a boudoir photo present, we can make a sensual video for you too, lets just find the write music and then we will add the images from your shoot into a one of a kind movie for your partner.

Before and After images

Boudoir Photography is for all women of all shapes, ages and sizes, we feel that there is sensuality on every woman, some of you may just have to rediscover it, and one fantastic way to do that would be through a boudoir photography shoot.

You can visit our website to find out more about our prices and packages.

Below are a few before and after images of our lovely clients, please note that we always get permission from our clients before we publish any images. The changes in boudoir photography are achieved through our awesome makeovers from our in house make up artist, set designer, fashion assistant, lighting, photography and post editing to give you that cover girl finish.

Before and After Boudoir photography

6 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

There are many different reasons as why to have a boudoir photography shoot, here are a few:

  1. You need to often pamper yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous, what better way to spoil yourself. You may choose a boudoir photography shoot in your new lingerie, or a nude photography shoot just to celebrate the woman you are.
  2. A wedding gift, we think that this could be the best present the groom could receive, imagine coming for a Wedding Whispers shoot, you choose some sensual, alluring and romantic images of yourself, we edit these and put them into a coffee table booklet for you. While you are getting ready and the groom is waiting, send the bridesmaid out with the book for the groom, tell her to let him know that this is waiting for him under your gorgeous wedding dress!
  3. Many of our clients were stumped with an idea for their partners wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift, or that was until they found us and did a boudoir photography session and surprised them with a coffee table booklet where they were the star.
  4. Ever wanted to be the calendar pin up girl, well here is your opportunity to have a theme for each month, be it Back to School in January, A Bunny over Easter, A naughty Santa helper over Christmas, we can help you put some ideas together to give your partner a personalised calendar.
  5. Want to spoil the girls with a party with a difference, well a boudoir photography party will be one that you will all talk about for years to come, not only that , you will also get some fabulous images of yourselves.
  6. Want to commemorate a special occasion such as your 30th, 50th or beyond? What about getting those new boobs you have always wanted? We can assist you with a package for all your needs.

We had a client last year that wanted to surprise her husband and did a shoot with us and had all the edits transferred to a DVD, she checked into a hotel room with him and while he was in the shower slipped the DVD into the hotel room entertainment system, it took him a few minutes to realise the babe on the television was actually his wife, she said they did not leave the room much that weekend.

In summary you never need a reason to do a shoot as you will always find a reason, celebrate yourself and book a boudoir photography session with us.

About Boudoir Photography

About Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography has many different forms and connotations associated with it.  We see boudoir photography as an art-form and have included the term “fusion” as we like to fuse boudoir photography with nude, glamour, sensual, erotic, burlesque, lingerie and fashion photography.  Above all, we simply like to focus our photography on you and what suits your character.

There is also a misconception that you need to be a skinny waif to partake in a session – well we beg to differ!  Beauty is not about being young, skinny, fit or in perfect shape.  Beauty is about being yourself and capturing the woman you are forever…

Our clients have come from all walks of life from housewife through to rocket scientist!

Boudoir Photography is the perfect gift for your partner, your lover or even just as a gift to yourself.  If you are stumped for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s present, then a boudoir session is going to have to be the ultimate sensual gift that your partner will cherish.

We have number of packages available to choose from, visit our website for details on all of our packages.

Boudoir Fusion Photography will have a pre meeting with you preferably in person to assess your character and tailor make a shoot to highlight your best features. Our goals will be to create artistic portraits that you can use on Facebook and images that will be private for you and your partner or yourself.

Welcome to our Boudoir Photography Blog

Welcome to our new boudoir photography blog page.

Boudoir Fusion Photography specialises in making you look and feel glamorous, we are a dedicated boudoir photography studio based in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We specialise in the following forms of photography:

  • Boudoir photography,
  • Nude Photography,
  • Couples Photography,
  • Makeover Portrait Photography
  • Fitness Photography,
  • Glamour Photography,
  • Sensual Photography,
  • Lingerie Photography,
  • Burlesque Photography,
  • Wedding Boudoir,
  • and other similar forms of photography

We have a large variety of props, clothing and sets.