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Boudoir Pre-meeting

Boudoir Pre-meeting

Boudoir-Photographer-Sandton-CityWe think all clients should attend a boudoir pre-meeting. This gives you the chance to meet with your photographers and also to discuss what type of images you would like to have taken. Most of our clients have actually commented how useful they found the meeting both in terms of assisting with alleviating their stress on the actual shoot day and also to assist them with preparing for the shoot.

At the pre-meeting we will discuss what you are comfortable with and what images you would like taken during your boudoir photo-shoot. We will discuss your outfits and decide on what you will wear for the shoot, but being the girls we are, this always gets added to on the day of the shoot because you just saw this lovely lingerie and had to have it!

Everybody has their own idea about themselves and how they look, this is our opportunity to meet the individual in you before the shoot, and for you to meet the people you are entrusting yourself and your body to. We want to build an intimate photography shoot around your expectations and personality not to mention your comfort levels.

Our ultimate aim for the pre-meeting is to put your mind at ease with what to expect on the day of the boudoir Shoot.

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