Please note that the work of Boudoir Fusion Photography has a copyright, why would you want to copy it, rather come in for a shoot, and if you a photographer it is just wrong to copy someone elses images? Now if it is for Pinterest, that is a different story ;)

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Boudoir-Photographer-CliftonFinding the right professional photographer for boudoir, nude, sensual and intimate photography can be difficult, sometimes intimidating. The first place to start is finding a professional team that you feel comfortable with and can relate to, from the photographer, makeup artist, creative director to the editing, our team has studied in all these areas, we keep up to date with the latest techniques and styles, creating not just an image but an experience that makes you go WOW.

We have created a studio dedicated to our art, a fairy-tale land with over 10 dedicated, ever expanding sets (at present), a reception area, private changing areas, showers, outfits, to include; lingerie, props from whips to wings and a shoe collection any girl would die for, we have everything you need in one place. Boudoir Photography has become our passion, it’s more than earning a living, more than just taking a picture, every woman has a story to tell and we want to capture that intimate story of yours.

We also specialise in other genres of sensual photography such as erotic, implied, nude photography and adult photography.

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