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Your Boudoir Photography Shoot is designed to take you out of your world and place you in a world of luxurious glamour. Our intention is not to make you someone else but rather to highlight your best qualities. We want to make you feel like a supermodel, and makeup is the first step.

Your makeup will be applied professionally and is applied in the traditional ‘bridal’ look so it has a more natural appearance, however, the entire decision making is yours, so if you want your make up more smoky and sensual, or outrageous fashion, we will create your desired look.

Bad makeup or inferior makeup products can ruin an image, that is why we include professional makeup in all of our packages, even the Taste of Boudoir.  You can obviously use your own makeup artist as long as they are a professional and understand how different product react with the lights we will be using.  A camera sometimes does not always capture the vibrant colours that you will see in the mirror.  This is one of the reasons that even when you are going for that natural look your makeup artist will exaggerate the makeup that they apply.

At Boudoir Fusion Photography we will only use top quality makeup products such as Kryolan and MUD as the cheaper products often leave you with crease marks or looking wrinkly and they can also look cakey in your photographs.  Unless you are going for that hard workout gym look, most women do not like their face to look shiny, so to counteract this we use matte products.  Now your lips are another story here you probably want them to look alluring, plum and with a bit of a shine to them, we will make them look fuller and more attractive.

For your eyes, false eyelashes are the order of the day, they give your images that little extra something.  Remember that your eyes are the focal point in most portrait images, our makeup artist will make them stand our and exaggerate them as the bolder they are the more defined they will appear.  Your eyes will get 3-4 different shades in them to achieve this bold look.

You also have the option of choosing and additional makeup look for your photoshoot.

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