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How to Prepare for your Boudoir Shoot

How to Prepare for your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir-Photographer-in-JohannesburgWe will discuss most of these point in your pre-meeting, these notes provide a reminder to you.

Shaving and Waxing:

If you wax please do not have a wax the day before, please plan a few days ahead for this unless you know you are not going to come up in a rash, please note if you wax or shave you must do so for the shoot, if you like it au natural, then leave it that way.

Sun Bed and Fake Tan:

It is not necessary to have a tan for your boudoir shoot. If you do plan to tan, keep these tips in mind:

Please don’t use a tanning bed the day before the shoot, unless you like the lobster look.
Unprofessional spray tans can end up giving your skin an orange look to it, if you do decide to get a fake tan stay away from the off the shelf products, unless you have used them before and know they work. Remember there is nothing worse than tanned bottoms of feet and hands, so ensure they are protected.
Lastly, tan lines are not that cool, we recommend and ALL OVER tan if this is the root you choose.


It’s always nice to have your hair styled for the boudoir shoot, but if you can’t make sure your hair is clean and blow dried. Clean hair gives a lovely shimmer in the pictures and styled hair adds so much volume to your hair. We do have straightener’s and curlers at the studio for our clients use.


Our poor neglected and forgotten feet! You may not notice them much but our camera will, so make sure they are clean and toe nails are polished.


Keep your body, especially your face, as hydrated as possible the days leading up to the shoot, so drink the recommended daily allowance of water. Moisturize you’re self the night before and the morning of your shoot. Your skin will then have a wonderful glow to it and the makeup on your face will have a more polished look.


Stay off carbs the day before and of the boudoir shoot. Fruit is great for breakfast the day of the shoot, try not to have salad before the shoot as these and other foods can often bloat you, but ensure you keep your natural sugar levels up.

Manicure and Pedicure:

To get the best out of your intimate photography shoot we advise you go for a mani and a pedi, however if you cannot manage one, paint toes and nails the same colour, either neutral or a dark red, think about images you see in a magazine and how hands look. We normally recommend having a french manicure.


Boudoir Photography is sensual and even provocative, we will assist you with poses that will specifically compliment your body and your requirements. But there is no harm practising at home in the mirror, you can visit our blog and search for Boudoir Posing Ideas if you would like to practise. We don’t expect you to be a model when you get to us, but there is no harm in getting a few ideas, follow this link …

Learn to Laugh

Being in front of a camera can be daunting, so start preparing yourself a few days before by relaxing in front of the mirror, laugh at yourself, seduce yourself, play around with looks and find the sex goddess in you.


Try pack your things the day before your boudoir photography session so you are not rushed on the day of the shoot, or worrying about your partner catching you out with all these sexy outfits, yeah, try explain that!! Please ensure that all tags have been cut out of your underwear.

Please wear as loose fitting clothing as possible on the day of your boudoir shoot. The fewer lines on your body, the better, particularly if you have decided to do some nude photos.

Day before the Shoot:

Most importantly is to get a good night’s rest, puffy eyes don’t make a good picture!

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