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How to Choose your Boudoir Photographs

How to Choose your Boudoir PhotographsWe will probably repeat this in future posts as we think it is really important topic. Many boudoir photographers will choose the images to be edited that they think are best for their clients. This, in our opinion should be our clients decision.

On every shoot we sit with our clients to help choose images and without fail images that we would not usually have chosen have been selected by our clients. The reason; “That’s me!” the client sees an image that they feel represents themselves as they and others see them, whether it is a quirky smile, raise of the eyebrow or playful look, that’s their look.

So imagine your disappointment when you are presented with your finished product, you go through your disk of all your images and there you see an image of yourself that you really like, but it wasn’t chosen for editing. Of course you could get it edited later, but we believe in getting it right the first time!  We will be there to guide and assist you but believe as the client you have the right to choose your images.

After your shoot, we will give you around 30 minutes to chill,  allowing you time to go through your missed messages or to simply sit in our massage chair and relax.  During this time we will cull all of the images where you may be blinking etc.  We will then colour balance the images and do a few other technical things.  You will then get to see your entire shoot and put your images into a starred rating system.  Any images with less than one star will be deleted once you leave.  Together we will then narrow down your images to select the best ones from your shoot.  This is probably the most difficult part of the shoot as there will be so many gorgeous images of you to choose from.

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