Please note that the work of Boudoir Fusion Photography has a copyright, why would you want to copy it, rather come in for a shoot, and if you a photographer it is just wrong to copy someone elses images? Now if it is for Pinterest, that is a different story ;)



Wow guys,

I just got home to go through the pictures again and they look fantastic!

Thank you so much for helping me achieve this daunting task. You guys make it so easy and calming.

My personal issues disappeared for the morning with you. Sometimes I wonder if it was actually me in the pictures too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the elation and excitement, and would totally do another shoot with you. I can’t wait to see my boyfriends face when he sees this. I will let you know, but until then, I sit in anticipation again.

Your professionalism is fantastic, and the manner in which you present the book and USB is great.

Well done to you two for making women a little more comfortable with their bodies.
I will definitely recommend you and give a good rating on your facebook page.

Thank you so much, and good luck with all your future endeavours, I am sure a team such as yourselves will do very well.


When looking for a team of professionals to do a boudoir shoot, Boudoir Fusion photography was the clear choice. The website provided all the information needed to make the shoot an enjoyable and thrilling experience.

Jordan and Peter are true specialists in the field of Boudoir photography. At the pre-shoot meeting they explained exactly what to expect and the do’s and don’ts, as well as making sure they knew what I wanted out of the shoot and how far to push my boundaries. The studio is a one stop shop with everything needed for stunning photos. They provided beautiful outfits and stunning sets. I especially loved the artificial light studio. Jordan does stunning make-up that makes you feel and look gorgeous.

During the shoot Jordan gave easy to follow posing instructions that resulted in sexy stunning pictures. Peter was wonderful and knew which photos he wanted to create the perfect picture.

Both were super supportive, enthusiastic and professional during the shoot. They truly have a passion for beautiful photos and it shows in the end result. The whole experience was uplifting and empowering to me.

I walked on a cloud days after the shoot and couldn’t wait to share the photos with my husband. I highly recommend the experience to every woman! You will fall in love with your body again and your partner will love it!

Thank you Jordan and Peter. Xxx

Mrs R

I haven’t felt this good in forever! Being a heavy girl that always feels self conscious I stepped out of my comfort zone today. Jordan and Peter from Boudoir Fusion Photography are so professional and they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

Every woman should go for a boudoir shoot at least once in her life and I strongly recommend BFP. Can’t wait for the photos. Even the unedited ones look amazing.


Jordan and Peter, thank you so much for the incredible time that I had with my shoot. I can’t believe that it took me over two years to pluck up the courage and give you a call, and it ended up being one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had!

I wanted to do this for my husband as he was moving away for business, and while I have no doubt he will love his ‘going away present’, I came away from my photo session realising that I have needed this for me for a long time.

It’s so important to step out of the wife/mom/house keeper/family manager role once in a while, and celebrate being who you are (stretchmarks and all!) Thank you again for this very professional, personally empowering, FUN and sexy experience. You truly are fantastic at what you do.


You guys did an excellent job. Thank you so much for making me feel at home and for your friendliness and openness. I really appreciate how kind and understanding you were. My husband is going to love the pics.


My fiance (now husband) and I decided to abstain from any sexual intimacy until the day we got married, which meant that until our honeymoon he had hardly seen me in a mere bikini, never mind underwear or sexy lingerie! I’ve always been a fan of sexy underwear and had a whole collection which he didn’t know about. In an online search I stumbled on Boudoir Fusion Photography, among others. I was most impressed with the quality and class of photographs that was exhibited and it was exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to surprise my fiance with a photo-book to tickle his taste-buds before our wedding, as we were to be apart in different cities for that last week. At this point, I must mention how incredibly welcome and ‘safe’ I felt with the BF team upon arrival. I’ve always been very private, and don’t really like undressing in front of people, not to mention complete strangers! But they made me feel so at ease with their absolute professional approach, and before long I was taking off outfits and putting on new ones, standing bare-naked in the studio as if I’ve been doing it all my life! I had SO much fun! Also, being a shy-girl, I didn’t know how to pose in front of the camera, especially in my skimpy underwear, but they showed me exactly what to do and how to pose in order to get the best shots.

Afterwards, the team also helped me to choose the best shots for the photo-book, which might I add, came out superbly! I left it under my fiance’s pillow as I left for my home-town…nervous yet excited!

My fiance’s reaction when he received the gift was priceless! He phoned me three times that same night, because he couldn’t stop looking at the book! All he could utter was: “Jiss….wow….!” He was totally overwhelmed and claimed over and over that it was the best gift anyone has EVER given him in his life! For the next week, until the wedding, all he could talk about was ‘the book’, and let me tell you, it was the perfect build-up to our fantastic wedding and honeymoon! Thank you BF, for giving me the boost and the confidence to display these stunning photos to my husband.

Your work is ART.


Baie dankie vir n super GR8 shoot vandag, Jul is so proffessioneel en laat mens op jou gemak voel en bring die beste voorkoms uit. Nogmals dankie, kan nie wag vir die fotos nie.


Dear Peter and Jordan

I just wanted to take a minute to write you this note, and to tell you how much I enjoyed the photo shoot. On a cold and rainy morning, driving to this shoot I felt nervous and awkward as this would have been my first experience posing for pictures, not to mention Boudoir! Been flirting with the idea, and yet putting it off for the last 20 years. And now I wonder why! I just had to tell you, that from the first meeting until the shoot was complete, you made me feel special.

The environment was relaxed, very professional and you made me feel beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For a couple of hours I was not a wife, mother or employee, but just ME, and you made this happen. It was by far the most sensual, almost erotic experience of my life. This tiny investment in ME has rejuvenated my body and spirit, and reminded me that it’s very necessary to invest a little in ourselves once in a while, to keep us grounded, and to remind us that at the end of the day, when we’ve tended to life, we are still individuals who should invest more in ourselves. I will be back for more pictures, of this you can be assured!

So come on ladies, don’t wait 20 years.

The thought seems daunting I know, but Jordan and Peter are fantastic! U will feel more special and in touch with yourself than you have in forever! One word will describe what and how you’ll feel “Beautiful”!

Thanks Jordan and Peter, for the best experience I’ve had in a very, very long time! My sincere thanks!


Dear Jordan and Peter,

Thank you once again for the most amazing shoot ever and for the awesome photos. My husband was so impressed with his gift and has even agreed to return for a Boudoir Fusion couple shoot and perhaps one of your more adventurous experiences.

Just for the record, I was completely impressed from the get go with the efficiently of the booking process, explanation of your packages and the scheduling of the booking. You are so professional and managed to still my nerves and even make me laugh. I was completely at ease from the moment I stepped into your venue and really amazed with the layout, props and the treatment received from co-ordinating my outfits, fixing my hair, advise on posing and the perfect make-up application.

Posing, smiling and just being sexy was the easiest part of the entire process thanks to you and the eye behind the camera. I will recommend your service to anyone looking into trying out a BOUDOIR photo shoot.

Have an awesome evening.


Thank you sooooooo much for having and hosting us! You guys are the most lovely, cool, genuine people, I think I love you thanks so much for being amazing hugs and snugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx


I came. I photographed. I conquered. What fun!!!!


Being my 1st photoshoot of this nature, I felt nervous, they were for my Hubbys b’day. But the day of the photo shoot…. my hair makeup all done, was all just so beautiful. The photoshoot was done at a great venue, the studios of Boudoir Fusion Photography.

The photographer was awesome, I felt 100% comfortable all the time. Jordan gave me great poses and ideas, it was loads of fun and laughter. The photos are sensual sexy but classy. I will treasure these photos forever!

And my Hubby loves them so much……


Good Day Jordan and Peter.

This letter provides me the opportunity to recommend Boudoir Fusion Photography as professional photographers.

Their work spoke for itself. After seeing only a handful of the photos they had gracefully mastered, our decision was affirmed to entrust the capturing of these special photos of my sister and myself. As we completed our shoot we got to go through the photo taken that day and we were blown away of how, naturally beautiful they captured our bodies and made us feel incredibly comfortable, we were thrilled!

The passion Boudoir Fusion Photography exerted to provide the highest quality results speaks volumes for their professionalism and commitment. We look forward to using Boudoir Fusion Photography for future photography.


I would like to thank the Boudoir Fusion Photography team for my amazing shoot! I was a little stressed before the shoot, because I’m an ordinary plain Jane and Mother of two, not a Model and definitely not as fit and toned as a fitness model. I went and decided to go with the flow and to just enjoy myself. I was really comfortable and relaxed and started to drift into diva mode.(I think the bubbly also helped) The photos are phenomenal and I now have more confidence and definitely a higher self-esteem. I would recommend any woman to do this for herself. Once again thank you very much, I will definitely refer everyone looking for a sexy photo shoot to Boudoir Fusion Photography!


I approached this session with considerable nervousness.

Sensual photography? Of me? Naked? In front of strangers? Well, by the end I was sad it had stopped.

It was fun, Peter and Jordan were brilliant at putting me at ease and telling me what to do. Looking at the pics I felt better about myself than I had in years….no, you can’t see them! Try it. You’ll love it and you’ll have amazing pictures afterwards. I did this shoot for my wife.


I wanted to do something just for me. Something more exciting than a shopping spree. Boudoir Fusion Photography I chose, Now all I had to do, was worry about my pose. However, I went with an open mind, Hoping the bubbly would help me unwind. Snap after snap I started to relax, Thank goodness I went for a wax! At the photos I did glance, Beauty of a woman is what you enhance, I look so glamorous in my collection It’s me, just to perfection. You captured the woman in me A woman that I shall always be. Something for me, something new, For this, I thank you!


I have never seen myself as a sexy girl so I didn’t know what to expect of a boudoir shoot, needless to say I was nervous.

Jordan you and Peter made me feel very comfortable (with your cute funny jokes) and tuned me into my “inner sexy” straight away. The photos was intended for my boyfriend as a birthday gift but I now realise it was a gift for myself to. I got my confidence back and realised I’m just as sexy as the next girl (after my pics maybe a little more).

I promised myself that I will do boudoir shoots as much as possible, it changed the way I look at myself. I would recommend a BFP experience to any woman it makes a big change in your life and have a bit of fun in your own skin.

Thanx a lot to Peter and Jordan for a fab shoot I had a ball 😉


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the whole Boudoir Photography experience.

The whole shoot was done very professionally – not once did I feel uncomfortable. And the photos looks absolutely stunning – like a Victoria’s Secret shoot!

It is a highly recommendable experience and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. Thank you for a lovely experience.


Thanks you for an amazing shoot…. you made me feel like a woman…. You have a way of capturing the very essence of who a person is… I think every woman should do this not for anyone but them selves.

Thank You


Thank you Jordan and Peter,

We were both very nervous but you made us very comfortable and before we knew it the shoot was over.

We love our pic’s and they say accountants are boring he he he. It is just so nice to have some nice pictures of us together and we will definitely recommend you any day and may just see you again, soon. xxx.

Nolene and Martin

What a wonderful experience, I absolutely enjoyed it.

For a woman to be naked around herself much less other people can be daunting but BFP did a superb job of putting me at ease and always making sure they bring out the best of me in the pictures. It did show in the final product, the pictures were just beautiful.

Needless to say my friends and boyfriend were very impressed. They are a wonderful team who know exactly what they are doing. Be it for yourself or your partner, it is something I think every woman must do to reaffirm and celebrate her sexuality and beauty.

P.S Not intimidated by magazine covers anymore, now I can whip my own picture out and confirm I’m just as beautiful xx


I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend’s birthday and a set of boudoir photos seemed like a good idea. On seeing the photos in the galleries on the Boudoir Fusion Photography website, I knew I would get an excellent result, but I was nervous about the process.

The pre-meeting put my mind at ease, as Peter and Jordan explained everything I should expect about the day of the shoot. She also asked questions about what sort of looks I wanted to go for in the shoot. On the day of the shoot I was excited and a bit nervous, but as soon as the pampering of the make-up session was underway, I was completely relaxed.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun. I knew was in good hands as I was instructed to pose in specific ways that would flatter all the correct features. When the shoot was over and I got the see the photos, I was amazed. I have never looked that good before.

By the time I walked out, I felt like a million dollars. Everything was handled in such a professional manner. You knew exactly what I was wanting to bring out in the photos. My boyfriend is not one for many words, but he said he loved the photos. He added that he thought that they were sensual and amazing.

Thank you Boudoir Fusion Photography for, not only a stunning package of beautiful photos, but also a wonderful experience. My confidence has been given a great boost. Boudoir Fusion Photography, you are a fabulous, genius team!


An amazing Christmas present from the amazing man in my life, and while I was really geared up to do it, I was very nervous and worried about not only how I would look but if I would be able to pull it off.

You guys made me feel comfortable and up for the challenge within minutes of starting the whole process, the Champagne was a great help and am hooked on the false eye lashes concept… The ideas, make-up, out fits, ambience and air of good fun, as well as totally professional work ethic made it an amazing experience from start to finish, one which I would love to do again in the future.

The photos were, on initial viewing absolutely mind blowing, and did exactly what I had hoped to achieve which was make me look beautiful and sexy. Thanks in so many ways for the experience, confidence building and end result.

I couldn’t have asked for more, absolutely first class all round.


What started off as a great website promising amazing photos – based on the “Before After gallery: sooner turned into a ……………. REALITY!!!!

I was really sceptical about not only the idea of being photographed, but of how I would look on these photographs.. Can you imagine if even a professional photographer can’t make you look beautiful..! Pretty scary thought… But I contacted Boudoir Fusion Photography none the less. The experience started off with a pre-meeting a week or so prior the shoot – a meeting Jordan insisted on – and after that I immediately felt comfortable with the “idea” of a shoot like this.

BFP, in different ways, bring an element to their business that makes you feel both relaxed and that they are in control and that you WILL be happier and have an experience you won’t forget.. What I was really impressed with was their total commitment to ME and what I wanted to achieve from this photo shoot… Considering the fact that after rambling on for 30 minutes and then realising even I have no idea what I want, their attitude remained the same : “excited for me and wanting to make sure I get exactly what I am wanting”. They seem to really understand how weird this is if you are doing it for the first time..

Come the day of the shoot and I was greeted with a beautiful long glass of champagne and AMAZING make up (I will now wear false lashes for every single occasion I ever go to – thanks Jordan ha ha).. From there it is actually all just a blur.. I just landed up having so much fun, and even during the shoot I knew the photos would be great.. It was just an incredible time.. I REALLY want to do it again.. and again.. and again..

Then the kicker! After the shoot they show you your photos immediately! I was dumb founded at how “little ol me” can look.. And that without any editing.. I was totally and utterly speechless at the photos… And they were 10 times better than I thought, and like I said, I already knew they would be great. The experience from start to finish was just incredible.

I am not sure how else to put it. It really just is something every woman should do for herself.. And at their prices, it is a bargain!


Hi there,

I would like to thank you for the best experience of my life! It was supposed to be a fun thing for my and my girlfriends, but it turned out to be much more than that. You made me feel sexy and beautiful.

Your service is professional and I felt comfortable all the time. I can recommend this to all the ladies out there, this is something you have to do, at least once in your live.

PS. My husband loved his photos.


I had an absolutely amazing time shooting with you.

I’ve worked with a lot of photographers and I can say without a doubt that you are extremely professional and made the whole atmosphere very comfortable!! I would work with you ANYTIME!!

Thank you for an amazing shoot and looking forward to working with you again. You made me feel like a real “super model” if i can put it like that. I would recommend you to anyone, anytime, anywhere!! xx

Melissa Jane

So what does one do when you dislike just about every inch of what you see in the mirror every day? Easy answer …. book a shoot with Jordan and Peter then let them do their magic (and believe me, it’s magic)! What started out as a fun gift for my husband, turned into a bigger gift to myself.

Thanks a million for being super amazing and making the whole experience great. I was a little (ok a lot) nervous before starting my shoot but you soon managed to make me feel super relaxed and comfortable.

Everything was made so easy, from the breathtaking make-up to the amazing sets and outfits. You never ran out of fabulous ideas and had every prop/outfit at hand to pull it off. I never ever thought I would be able to say I loved so many pictures of myself and I want to thank you for making me feel absolutely gorgeous!! I now firmly believe that every woman, no matter her age or size, should definitely try this once in her life to boost her self esteem.

It was a fantastic day and definitely one to remember xxx


WOW!!! I was totally blown away when I saw my photos!! My husband cant stop talking about his “cover girl”! Jordan, your work is so amazing and classy. You made me feel so relaxed during the shoot, I almost felt like a pro!

My self confidence is at a new high, thanks to you! I can look at the photos and appreciate the beautiful me without finding fault (a great feat!).

Every woman owes it to herself to do this at least once. Thank you Jordan and Peter!!”


There is a poem written by Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman, the poem starts off with:

“Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.”

This is the type of experience everyone can expect from the team at Boudoir Fusion Photography, they make you feel like the absolute phenomenal woman that you truly are and should embrace.

Thank you to the team for creating this experience for all women out there! It truly was one of the best experiences for me which I will remember and look back on forever.


How do I start to describe one of the best experience in my life, it really is hard?

I wish every woman can go through what I did with the photo shoot at Boudoir Fusion. As a birthday gift, I will treasure this for the rest of my life. It was incredible, it was sensual, it was great fun but most of all I have never felt more like a woman than on that day. I don’t wear frilly, girly outfits, I don’t like wearing make-up and most of all I sure don’t embrace being a woman as much as I need to. Doing this made me realize that I can also be that beautiful, confident, desirable woman that we all are.

Nothing of this however would be possible if not for the awesome team of Boudoir Fusion Photography and especially Jordan. They both made me feel so relaxed and comfortable; all I can say is Thank You.

After seeing the photo’s and seeing what an amazing job Peter and Jordan did, even I could look like a model, I just loved it.

Thank you; you are such remarkable people.


WOW! What an amazing experience with the boudoir photography session yesterday.

I was so nervous and so excited all at the same time! But you made me feel so comfortable and I was so relaxed. It was such fun! I was quite sorry when the session ended. The most exciting thing for me was that when I was looking at the pictures Boudoir Fusion Photography had taken, I was thrilled with so many of them that had not even been edited yet!!!! I could not believe I was looking at myself!

You are very so talented at what you do. I cannot wait to get the edited prints on Monday and just show everybody!

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Your services has provided me with more than the results I was looking for. The whole day was fantastic and would refer you to anyone and everyone. I can not thank you enough.


Thank you very much for an exquisite experience and one of the most relaxing and fun filled days. I never would have thought I would feel like and hold myself like a real model. Like so many girls out there.

I have been looking for a place who can do make overs and help with my wardrobe for years, but could only find them abroad. I wanted the same results as the boudoir photography studios overseas. I was almost convinced I would not find anyone. I was so glad that I have found you and the services you provide. The whole experience was out of this world. The relaxing atmosphere calmed me.

It was exceptional the way everyone did what was needed. I felt so comfortable with everyone.

From Makeup to wardrobe to photography…. you all are amazing. Your services has provided me with more than the results I was looking for. The whole day was fantastic and would refer you to anyone and everyone. I can not thank you enough.


Wooooooowwwww… I’m totally speechless… Thanks guys for such amazing work… you guys are amazing.. thank you thank you Your work is out of this world!! … I felt so comfortable and like a Goddess working with you. Will be sure to do more shoots with you..kisses!!! muaaaa

La Toya

Ever since television programs like ‘How to look good NAKED’, I’ve wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot.

The thought of that empowering nude-naughty-are-u-sure-of-what-you’re-seeing photo that celebrates your own unique woman, greatly appealed to me. But where, how, when and who always seemed to pose a problem. Then a friend liked Boudoir Fusion Photography on Facebook and ‘when’ became the only issue!

My husband gave me a BFP Classic Boudoir shoot as a birthday present and the date was set. We had the pre-shoot meeting where Jordan explained all the fine details of make-up, clothing, jewellery, settings and what I expected from this experience. I felt like I was in safe hands to truly live out my fantasy-shoot. On the day of the shoot I was a bit nervous – kind of like right before you bungee jump! You really want to, but sjoe!  But everything just felt right, comfortable and so sumptuous from the first pose to the last ha-ha-ha! Between Peter and Jordan, I was relaxed enough to have the funny, sexy and a teeny bit naughty photo shoot I always wanted.

As a plus-size woman I know which areas of my body I really don’t like, but you guys found angles and poses that make all those areas look great! After the shoot, when we selected which ones we liked and which ones to edit, my husband was very quiet, but for a few comments: ‘Where can I go to cool off?’ and ‘ Skuus, ek kan nie nou in Engels dink nie!’ 🙂 The cherry on the top is that my husband’s has always told me how sexy he finds me, I now believe him!

Thank you J & P xx


I was very fortunate to shoot with Boudoir Fusion Photography.

I really enjoyed every second while I was working with them; they made me feel very comfortable and are easy to work with. They were very friendly and creative on set, I recommend them strongly.

They are in my top 10 list of professional photographers. Thank you guys 🙂


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This was truly the best wedding gift ever! My husband absolutely loved it! I can’t believe how AWESOME the pics look. Everything was so relaxed and comfortable, the guidance throughout the shoot really helped! I would recommend it to any bride to be that is looking for the perfect wedding gift to their hubby to be.

Thank you Peter and Jordan – ALL WAS PERFECT!!! 🙂


What an exhilarating experience! right from the initial introductions on the phone through the whole planning & given such a short time frame to do such a phenomenal job, feeling sexy & just fabulous (it creeps up on you) 😉 then wanting it to last… all leading to the exquisite reaction from my husband, this is truly an ultimate rush! Jordan & Peter, you totally exceeded my expectations, you’re a definite addiction.

It’s all the way up for Boudoir Fusion X 🙂


What an amazing experience !!

An intricate combination of exquisite make up, soft lighting accentuating the feminine curves, professional photography, fun, sexy, delightful poses, good laughs and relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful intimate setting that I can now frame in my little “boudoir” For those few hours I was whisked away on a magic ride forgetting about the grocery lists, chores, menus, emails, sports practice and dentist appointments. A warm fuzzy feeling to be able to take a moment out of our crazy lives and be the sensual, sexy, beautiful woman that we are.

I must commend BOUDOIR FUSION PHOTOGRAPHY on their discreet and professional manner yet keeping it light-hearted, fun and entertaining. The photos captivate that look, that moment, the feeling, the thought. Sensational!! For a brief intense love affair with the camera, a lifelong love for the woman inside!

THANK YOU Jordan and Peter


I already had one boudoir photography experience, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything different when I visited Boudoir Fusion Photography.  Professional photographs are all the same, right? Wrong! Boudoir Fusion Photography by far exceeded my expectations in terms of the complete experience.

Peter and Jordan made me feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. From the professional make-up, wardrobe assistance, pose direction and variety of studio / scenes, to the warm and friendly attitudes of Jordan and Peter, this proved to be a fun and well deserved treat. The photographs are fabulously beautiful, and are guaranteed to make any woman feel like a super model.

Thank you Boudoir Fusion Photography!


Once again I just want to say thank you for making us feeling so comfortable I never ever thought I would be that relaxed!

Also thanks for the beautiful pictures for the first time in my life I look good to myself and I just cannot tell you what it does to my self confidence Again thank you so much for your hospitality and putting us at ease , I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to go through with it.


Absolutely love it!!

You guys are a dream team and I recommend you to everyone who wants to be shown that EVERY women is beautiful! And all that in a comfortable environment that makes you feel like a true goddess!

Thanks to you both.


Thanks Peter and Jordan,

You guys are fantastic! Jordan, you are a wonderful MUA and stylist! Peter your photographic skills are genius.  The lighting, photography and editing are all brilliant. I have never felt so comfortable and confident in front of a camera.

You guys have a great thing going!


WOW!!!!! Incredibly Amazing!!!!

The effects are INCREDIBLE I have to add. There is one where I think you used a glossed effect that is creative it gives off some feel that makes one afraid to touch the picture as if its going to break hahaha. The Black and whites and the ones that have orange in are stunningly done. (Photo 2947 old) has such an ancient look I have never seen such photographs like this. Its marvellous. Its ANTIQUE 🙂

Your photographs taken has made my body look shapely, sexy, and soft; my face lovely, and stunning.

Many Thanx


Hi.. Just wanted to say thank you for a GREAT shoot!! It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it tremendously!!

Jordan – thank you for the make-up, it looked stunning!! Both of you and Peter are really great to work with and you most certainly have my recommendation!!

P.S. – Thanx for the lesson in geography.. 🙂


What amazing ppl Boudoir Fusion Photography are – its thanks to u guys that the pics came out so well! 🙂 Thanks guys!!


You made me feel and look so comfortable and so beautiful. Jordan – my make up was stunning! Having and experience like that and the photos is a dream come true. EVERY woman deserves to feel like a super model, at least once!

Thank you for the very special memories.


Unbelievable experience, every women should try it.

Don’t wait to lose weight, don’t wait for the boob lift or tummy tuck, don’t wait for EXCUSES! Every women is beautiful in their own way, and with professionals like these, they find that angle, they make you feel completely at ease, and you SHINE!! (not in the oily skin way but the gorgeous, phenomenal woman way!!)


A must for every woman. Had so much fun shooting with them. Will definitely do it again. They made me feel so welcome and comfortable in their home and studio and the end results was amazing even the make- up was perfect.

Keep up the good work.


I’m not photogenic and always avoid a camera like the plague but when I came across Boudoir Fusion Photography, I decided to give them a challenge! Jordan did wonders with her make-up and Peter is a brilliant photographer – they were so supportive, encouraging and professional throughout the shoot and the end results were absolutely amazing.

The album made a perfect Christmas Gift for my husband, he loves it! You most certainly have my recommendation – thank you so much.