‘ Where an image is not just a picture, but an experience’

Our boudoir photography shoots are a fun adventure to be enjoyed by all, not to mention also getting the photographs you want we will do a fusion of sensual photography during your chosen package.



If you are exploring our boudoir photography site, no doubt you are interested in your own power as a woman.  EXCELLENT!  Boudoir Fusion photography is about the celebration of sensuality. There is little more valuable than capturing the unique but inherent beauty all women possess in abundance.  Through a series of highly professional yet creative images, you will see yourself shine.

Our studio creates a safe and relaxed space, with a range of props to help capture that perfect image.  We offer  a highly professional and creative take on boudoir photography.  Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable and fun space to create an awesome set of boudoir images which you will be able to treasure for years to come.

Like all great experiences, boudoir is not about the photographer.  It is about you, the lighting which highlights your features, and the poses which show off your gorgeous form.  My job  is to ensure you feel safe enough to shine.  As a boudoir photographer, watching the delight each woman feels as she sees the final results brings value to my life.

My work has brought me into contact with a range of different women.  Each has been exquisite in her own beauty.  Each controls the photographic session, allowing herself to reveal as much, or as little as she would wish about herself.  Many clients use these images as a special wedding gift to a husband or fiancé.

Like all good things in life, boudoir shoots go quickly.  If you have a special occasion, such as a wedding or engagement, please book at least two months in advance.


Finding the right professional boudoir photographer can be difficult and sometimes intimidating. Start by finding a professional photographer that you feel comfortable with, who is able to not only create an image, but a happy experience that makes you go WOW.

We have created a studio dedicated to our art, a fairy-tale land with several dedicated, ever expanding sets. There’s a reception area, private changing areas, showers, outfits, and props from whips to wings. We have everything you need in one place.

Boudoir photography has become our passion, and so much more than just a job. Beyond just taking a picture, every woman has a story to tell and we want to capture that intimate story.

Boudoir Fusion Photography is run by Peter Driessel who has been photographing women for over 10 years, read our testimonials to see what some of them have had to say.



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Peter Driessel Photographer

I am casual, shorts and t-shirt kind of guy with a dedication to photography and a love for scuba diving.  I am father to a young son and enjoy nothing better than chatting with friends.  I am psychologically minded, and am interested in ensuring that women feel safe and confident when sharing their sensuality.   I remain focused on creating a professional image at all times.

Is a male photographer suitable?

As debates around the exploitation of women rage, criticism has been levelled at male photographers. This is a debate I have not engaged with.  I deeply respect a woman’s ability to choose who would photograph her.  In creating a special portfolio, a woman should be comfortable with the person she works with.  I would also welcome you bringing your mom, partner or friend to a photo shoot.  The more people present, the merrier.



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Boudoir Fusion Photography

I have photographed that many male bodyscapes but as it is one of my favourite genres thought I would put it to the test with @tylermarais

#model #malemodel #fitnessmodel #scapes_greatshots #jozivibes @ Boudoir Fusion Photography

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3 days ago

Boudoir Fusion Photography

@tylermarais aka Tarzan, however I think he is more of a D’Artagnan. What do you think?

#fitnessmotivation #fitness #muscular #ripped #trainhard #jozi #jozivibes @ Boudoir Fusion Photography

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4 days ago

Boudoir Fusion Photography

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of our new Brand Ambassadors. One of the reasons we use Ambassadors is that many clients, for obvious reasons do not allow us to use there images and we will always respect their wishes. Many men ask us if we shoot male models, the answer is yes, we call it Dudeoir. 😂🤣

Introducing @tylermarais

#fitnessmotivation #fitness #muscles #lean #dude #brandambassador #johannesburg @ Boudoir Fusion Photography

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Why not consider a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your partner? If you are one of our male fans, I am sure she would love it. If you a female fan, this is the perfect gift for your partner. If you a single fan, why not gift a shoot to yourself?

@traceykroukamp glowing in natural light.

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@traceykroukamp strutting her stuff! I love how fishnets and similar clothing can add so much contrast to your shoot. If you are booking with us, I would always recommend bringing a pair with some killer heels.

#fishnets #womenphysique #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymfitness #photoshoot

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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir PhotographyWhat better way to remind yourself how gorgeous you are by doing an intimate photography shoot where all the attention is focused on you? It is the perfect gift to either your partner or yourself.

Nude Photography

Allow us to create art by painting your body with art through our nude photography, our images are tastefully photographed and could end up being the perfect wall art for your bedroom.

Conceptual Photography

Do you have a concept or a picture you have seen that you really like and you fancied yourself in the starring role?  If this is the case have a chat to us and let us custom build a shoot for you.

Couples Photography

Feel more connected than ever with a Couples Boudoir Photographic Experience, celebrate each other and level up your relationship. If you are looking at a way to spice up your relationship and, in many instances, boost your self-confidence then you should consider a boudoir couples photo shoot.

Maternity Photography

Pregnant PhotographerA maternity shoot is about celebrating your own body along with your upcoming motherhood. It’s a time of romance between you and your partner as you prepare to shape new relationships while celebrating old ones.

Wedding Whispers

Bridal Photography has become ever so popular with brides wanting to give their groom that extra special unique one of a kind gift on their wedding day.


Is a person who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. We use muses, ambassadors and models to assist us with our portfolios. The reasons is that many of our clients, for obvious reasons do not give us permission to use their images on our social media or website.

Mother Daughter

Mothers and daughters have a very special bond. The moments shared between a mother and her precious daughter are fleeting and changing as you both mature, with that bond often growing deeper.