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The Bare Project

The Bare Project

The transformation comes when the models step into the studio.  They may walk through the door carefully, unsure of what will happen next.  Many wear gowns and have bare feet.  The room is filled with props and bits of equipment.  They don’t own the space yet.  But once they step into the space, begin the journey and start to feel comfortable, a transformation starts to occur.  These women go from fearing their flaws to exploring their own beauty, strength and sensuality.

Free The Nipple

To be naked is to fear being exposed as imperfect, to be unclothed, to be vulnerable

Boudoir Photography ProjectsBut artists have always used nudes to depict a message.  As a nude, the body is no longer about its flaws or imperfections.  To be nude is to be completely safe, to feel empowered, to be represented as strong and as beautiful.

The makeup artists often stand close by, wondering if there needs to be any sort of touch up.  The makeup, for this project, is about sharing a message.  One has silver leaf placed over a scar, while another has words to share her journey from despair to healing , hope and assertiveness.  Another, a young man, shares his journey as a wounded healer.  There is a cancer survivor and an artist’s muse, a burlesque dancer who has only recently been called a slut.

The muse and the dancer wish to share that art is not porn

They are not naked, ashamed or guilty, they share.  Instead, they are comfortable being themselves, seeing their bodies as their own, in a world which would cover them with brands.  The dancer says she doesn’t want to be sexualised.  She wants to simply share the beauty which comes with being human.  Boudoir Photography ProjectsBeauty is something to aspire to.

There are gym instructors, dancers, students and fitness enthusiasts taking part in this project.  Nobody feels self conscious after the first few minutes.  Afterwards, participants share how liberated they felt, and how, reclaiming your body in a safe space is a form of healing in itself.

The shame which comes with abuse, with loss of control, with stigma, illness or imperfection belongs to the naked, the vulnerable, the outcasts and the wounded.  Each has been there at one point or another.  But in the studio there is only beauty, the body represented through an artistic lens, a story that has to be told, an image to be captured.

The Bare Project started as a means to share stories

We wanted to work towards creating body confidence and acceptance.  It was about working towards equality, working to reduce shame and stigma, and about putting a message out there that each participant saw as important.  Boudoir Photography ProjectsWhat we did not expect, was the transformation and healing which would come out of the photography sessions.

As a boudoir photographer, I have always known that women feel strong, powerful and beautiful after a photography session.  When looking at the images which have been created, each will see herself through different eyes, exploring her own beauty and sensuality with wonder.  She will suddenly see herself as beautiful, as enough, beyond the shame which is constantly perpetuated by marketing messages.  I’ve always been moved when this happens, and it brings value to my work.  But boudoir photography emerges out of joy, out of sensuality, an appreciation of a new relationship or a meaningful life event.

The Bare Project shares stories of pain, stigma and loss of control

Gender related violence, pain, illness and despair emerge and wish to be communicated along with strength, inspiration, determination and healing.  Boudoir Photography ProjectsThe stories combine with our views on nakedness – they share that the body is shameful, failed, abused, despairing, a source of stigma, discrimination and imperfection.  And yet the participants find the same joy, healing and peace that the boudoir models feel.

As human beings we are fascinated with bodies

We categorise, discriminate, police and shame them.  All social stigma is embodied, and those who are seen as bodies often lose their humanity.  Ill bodies are ruled over by medical practitioners while prostitutes’ bodies are governed by police and state.  We tell people they can share intimacy, and we create befriending programs for the lonely, the institutionalised, or the old.  But we govern sexualities, try to prevent authorities from hugging children, and we stigmatise bodies which do not conform to our social norms.

The Bare Project tells the stories behind the stigma, the abuse, the discrimination, judgement or shame.  It allows the person behind the body to speak out, sharing a story which is later represented through photographic images.  We try to restore a complete humanity to those who have been stigmatised.  And we try to create a safe space, a sense of value, and an opportunity to realise that, although your body may tell a story, it is you who gets to share what it says.

This project shares the bare truth about our human experiences as embodied beings. Whether it is models stories if online harassment because of their work, illness stories, gender related violence, sexualities, race or body shape which puts a person at risk of struggle or shame, we have stories to tell. Combined with artistic representation this project aims to share these stories, reducing stigma and increasing compassion for all human beings. Cannot recommend more highly.

Nicci Attfield, Nicci Atfield

The Bare Project is something that really speaks to me on a deeply personal level. As an autoimmune sufferer (hypothyroidism), I know only too well the pain of having no self confidence due to the weight I have gained from my condition. This project highlights that all women are beautiful irrespective of their insecurities and personal struggles and has helped me to instil the same confidence into my children. I love what you guys are doing here, keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you will be doing next 💕💕💕


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The project is being overseen by our qualified facilitator Nicci Attfield
MPHIL in Diversity Studies (UCT), PhD Candidate (Wits)

The project is the brainchild of Allison-Ann Maaske and Peter Driessel of Boudoir Fusion Photography.

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Society’s Expectations vs Reality

Society’s Expectations vs Reality

My friend and muse Claudia asked me to do this shoot as she wanted to comment on unreasonable beauty standards, society often sets, on her page.
Part of the brief in post processing was to morph her body into similar proportions as to those of our mannequin and then edit out ‘the bits’ that will destroy humanity, in essence she looked similar to Barbie Doll.

I think is obvious that fans often do not read posts to understand the image, as one of her fans commenter that he was impressed with her perfect body! I have never edited a person to these unrealistic proportions before!

The reason that I have posted this image is that often prospective clients tell me that they would like to do a shoot but are waiting to get their body in shape. Well let me tell you, your body is already a shape, let us celebrate who you are and get some gorgeous and sensual images of you. Do not let the unrealistic goals that society often burdens us with affect your decision!

We had several requests to see the before and after image so we have posted it here.

Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography

The response we had on Social Media, particularly from our female followers was so reassuring.

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Reasons to do a Boudoir Photography Shoot

One thing every woman should try in her life is to experience the natural high of a boudoir photo-shoot, if you a guy reading this, you could also consider doing a dudeoir photo shoot!  A boudoir photo shoot, to many, can be a terrifying thought, but all you need to do is read through our testimonials to change your mind. Exhilarating, empowering, freedom, sensual, exciting are some of the words our past clients have used to describe their experience.

Do I have to get naked?  In the true sense of boudoir photography, no you do not, but you get to choose how much or little clothing you wear.  Whether it is glamour, sensuality or eroticism which interests you, boudoir fusion creates a space for your own expression.  As a client, you call the shots.  You control the studio space, how you would like to be depicted and the image you wish to project.

Senaual Photography

1. It is an opportunity to be pampered.

You need to often pamper yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous, what better way to spoil yourself. You may choose a boudoir photography shoot in your new lingerie, or a nude photography shoot just to celebrate the woman you are.

2. It is the perfect wedding gift for the groom.

A wedding gift, we think that this could be the best present the groom could receive, imagine coming for a Wedding Whispers shoot, you choose some sensual, alluring and romantic images of yourself, we edit these and put them into a coffee table booklet for you. While you are getting ready and the groom is waiting, send the bridesmaid out with the book for the groom, tell her to let him know that this is waiting for him under your gorgeous wedding dress!

3. A Gift to the partner that has everything!

Many of our clients were stumped with an idea for their partners wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift, or that was until they found us and did a boudoir photography session and surprised them with a coffee table booklet where they were the star.

4. Create a personalised sexy calendar with you as the star.

Ever wanted to be the calendar pin up girl, well here is your opportunity to have a theme for each month, be it Back to School in January, A Bunny over Easter, A naughty Santa helper over Christmas, we can help you put some ideas together to give your partner a personalised calendar.

5. A girls day out.

Want to spoil the girls with a party with a difference, well a boudoir photography party will be one that you will all talk about for years to come, not only that , you will also get some fabulous images of yourselves.

Senaual Photography

6. Celebrate a milestone in your life.

Commemorate a special occasion such as your 30th, 50th or beyond? What about getting those new boobs you have always wanted? We can assist you with a package for all your needs.

7.  Push your comfort zone to the edge.

I have not as yet, me a client that has not been nervous before a Boudoir Fusion photo session. It could be argued that pushing this side of your comfort zone could help you grow in confidence or even reawaken your sensual side.  Most of our clients have commented in how comfortable they felt during and after thier shoot, it is one of the best feelings you can attain.

8.  We will make you laugh.

Sometime laughter is a great pick me up, we seem to have a knack of making our clients laugh.

9. Grow your confidence.

Pushing yourself and your comfort level is one way to increase you confidence levels.  We can virtually guarantee you will walk out of here feeling a lot more confident about yourself.

10. See yourself in a different light.

We often get stuck in our roles; mother, wife, executive, employee, friend, and being everything to other people and not being sexy or sensual anymore.  A Boudoir Fusion experience will could re-awaken your sensuality and you may even see yourself in a different light.

11. See yourself in a different light.

No one really needs an excuse to go shopping, but it most certainly gives you a reason to go lingerie shopping and who doesn’t love that?

12. Become a model for the day.

Makeup, lights, camera and action, you are a model for the day.  Nope, you don’t have to be an expert, you are here to be guided in posing, facial expression and what to wear, but you get to experience the fun of being a model during your session.

13. Create memories.

You will create a set of images to look back to and also remember how amazing you felt on the day.

14. Its all about you.

How often do you get to do something that is just for yourself?  It can been an incredible feeling to be pampered in makeup and then step out in front of an experienced photographer whose main focus is to capture your raw beauty in a session that is all about you!

Senaual Photography

Your boudoir images may delight your partner, but they will also be a gift to yourself.  Your boudoir shoot will offer you a safe space to explore your sensual or glamorous side, allowing you to shine.  You’ll feel safe, relaxed and completely in control. If you are still curious about why we think a boudoir photo-shoot is one of the best things you can do for yourself, set up a meeting and let’s schedule a shoot for you to explore your inner diva.

08 25 70 5763

Peter is a genius! I enjoyed my shoot tremendously but it is what comes after the shoot that is the game changer! To see myself like this… Every women should experience that. Preferably more than once! I already have a few outfits lined up for another shoot! The only downside is not being able to share the stunning images with more people. A word of advice – let Peter push your boundaries a little. You won’t be sorry!

Charmaine Burger,
Senaual Photography
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Definitions of Sensual Photography

Definitions of Sensual Photography

When Michelangelo and Botticelli painted beautiful images of woman and men naked, they were not frowned upon by society, but rather celebrated for the beauty they created. I find it sad that in this day and age so many people appear to be so adverse to nudity. There may be a fine line between porn and nude, but to my photographic eye there is a huge difference, porn tends to be very much in your face, with no mystery and is about sex. Nude photography is generally considered a genre of art photography depicting the nude human body, it is more subtle and alluring, playing with shadows and using softer colours so that one admires the naked form, rather than lusting after it.

Many of our clients request nude photographs, but are unsure what to expect. So exactly what does Boudoir Fusion Photography see as implied nude, nude, erotic and adult photography, these are our definitions?


boudoir photograph gallery

Implied Nude

Similar to FHM Magazine. The title expresses exactly what this form of photography is, it implies that you are not wearing any clothing but no “naughty bits” are showing. Sometimes less is more when nudes are being shot and implied nudes can be considered as being very tasteful and not obscene. Sometimes your buttocks will be shown.

boudoir photographer South Africa


Similar to Playboy Magazine. This is where your breasts and bum are showing, your other “naughty bits” will be covered or just covered by clothing or shadowed.

mude photograph gallery

Full Nude

Again, similar to Playboy magazine and art galleries. This is where your entire body will be photographed naked, the images will all be tastefully shot, we will strive to show you in the best light possible.

nude photography gallery

Artistic Nude

Found in art galleries. These images are posed in an interesting manner and artfully lit with parts of your body heavily shaded.

boudoir photographer South Africa

Erotic Nude

Found art galleries. Provocative expressions are used and particular attention is drawn to your “”naughty bits”, this form of photography has a sexually suggestive component, and often stretches the imagination.

Boudoir Sensual Adult photos

Adult Nude

Similar to Hustler Magazine. Sexually explicit poses are used, often engaging or suggesting that you are about to engage in a sexual act.

Boudoir Sensual Adult photos

Although many of our clients will not even consider going naked, for those of you that do, the above is a rough guideline for you to follow to enable us to know exactly what you are wanting to achieve so we can best deliver and meet with your expectations and design a private and personalised photographic experience, giving you the images that you want.

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Fifty Shades of Fantasy – creating a safe space for sensual expression

Fifty Shades of Fantasy – creating a safe space for sensual expression

We All Want Control

If the #MeToo revelations have taught us anything – and they have taught us a lot – it has been about misogyny.  We’ve learned that women want to be treated with respect.  Women also want to feel love and connection.  These days,  a woman will explain that she must be able to feel safe, and she must be able to do this while dreaming about 50 Shades of Grey. (more…)

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Baby it’s Stormy Outside – women’s sensuality in a new era

Baby it’s Stormy Outside – women’s sensuality in a new era

Baby, it’s cold outside….

No man should ever touch a woman without her permission, let’s begin with that.  There is no excuse for the assumption that no really means yes.  It goes without saying that a man should not be putting drugs into a woman’s drink.  But when the news went out that the old song ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ was accused of being a date rape anthem this week and should, therefore, be banned, it came as a shock.  I hadn’t heard the song in so long I’d no idea there was a need to ban it.


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