The Bare Project

The Bare Project The transformation comes when the models step into the studio.  They may walk through the door carefully, unsure of what will happen next.  Many wear gowns and have bare feet.  The room is filled with props and bits of equipment.  They don’t own the space yet.  [...]

The Bare Project2020-02-17T17:46:00+02:00

Society’s Expectations vs Reality

Society’s Expectations vs Reality My friend and muse Claudia asked me to do this shoot as she wanted to comment on unreasonable beauty standards, society often sets, on her page. Part of the brief in post processing was to morph her body into similar proportions as to those of [...]

Society’s Expectations vs Reality2020-01-19T16:43:44+02:00

Definitions of Sensual Photography

Boudoir Fusion Photography's Sensual Photography Definitions Definitions of Sensual Photography When Michelangelo and Botticelli painted beautiful images of woman and men naked, they were not frowned upon by society, but rather celebrated for the beauty they created. I find it sad that in this day and [...]

Definitions of Sensual Photography2021-05-05T19:40:48+02:00
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