One thing every woman should try in her life is to experience the natural high of a boudoir photo-shoot, if you a guy reading this, you could also consider doing a dudeoir photo shoot!  A boudoir photo shoot, to many, can be a terrifying thought, but all you need to do is read through our testimonials to change your mind. Exhilarating, empowering, freedom, sensual, exciting are some of the words our past clients have used to describe their experience.

Do I have to get naked?  In the true sense of boudoir photography, no you do not, but you get to choose how much or little clothing you wear.  Whether it is glamour, sensuality or eroticism which interests you, boudoir fusion creates a space for your own expression.  As a client, you call the shots.  You control the studio space, how you would like to be depicted and the image you wish to project.

Sensual Photography

1. It is an opportunity to be pampered.

You need to often pamper yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous, what better way to spoil yourself. You may choose a boudoir photography shoot in your new lingerie, or a nude photography shoot just to celebrate the woman you are.

2. It is the perfect wedding gift for the groom.

A wedding gift, we think that this could be the best present the groom could receive, imagine coming for a Wedding Whispers shoot, you choose some sensual, alluring and romantic images of yourself, we edit these and put them into a coffee table booklet for you. While you are getting ready and the groom is waiting, send the bridesmaid out with the book for the groom, tell her to let him know that this is waiting for him under your gorgeous wedding dress!

3. A Gift to the partner that has everything!

Many of our clients were stumped with an idea for their partners wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift, or that was until they found us and did a boudoir photography session and surprised them with a coffee table booklet where they were the star.

4. Create a personalised sexy calendar with you as the star.

Ever wanted to be the calendar pin up girl, well here is your opportunity to have a theme for each month, be it Back to School in January, A Bunny over Easter, A naughty Santa helper over Christmas, we can help you put some ideas together to give your partner a personalised calendar.

5. A girls day out.

Want to spoil the girls with a party with a difference, well a boudoir photography party will be one that you will all talk about for years to come, not only that , you will also get some fabulous images of yourselves.

Senaual Photography

6. Celebrate a milestone in your life.

Commemorate a special occasion such as your 30th, 50th or beyond? What about getting those new boobs you have always wanted? We can assist you with a package for all your needs.

7.  Push your comfort zone to the edge.

I have not as yet, me a client that has not been nervous before a Boudoir Fusion photo session. It could be argued that pushing this side of your comfort zone could help you grow in confidence or even reawaken your sensual side.  Most of our clients have commented in how comfortable they felt during and after thier shoot, it is one of the best feelings you can attain.

8.  We will make you laugh.

Sometime laughter is a great pick me up, we seem to have a knack of making our clients laugh.

9. Grow your confidence.

Pushing yourself and your comfort level is one way to increase you confidence levels.  We can virtually guarantee you will walk out of here feeling a lot more confident about yourself.

10. See yourself in a different light.

We often get stuck in our roles; mother, wife, executive, employee, friend, and being everything to other people and not being sexy or sensual anymore.  A Boudoir Fusion experience will could re-awaken your sensuality and you may even see yourself in a different light.

11. See yourself in a different light.

No one really needs an excuse to go shopping, but it most certainly gives you a reason to go lingerie shopping and who doesn’t love that?

12. Become a model for the day.

Makeup, lights, camera and action, you are a model for the day.  Nope, you don’t have to be an expert, you are here to be guided in posing, facial expression and what to wear, but you get to experience the fun of being a model during your session.

13. Create memories.

You will create a set of images to look back to and also remember how amazing you felt on the day.

14. Its all about you.

How often do you get to do something that is just for yourself?  It can been an incredible feeling to be pampered in makeup and then step out in front of an experienced photographer whose main focus is to capture your raw beauty in a session that is all about you!

Senaual Photography

Your boudoir images may delight your partner, but they will also be a gift to yourself.  Your boudoir shoot will offer you a safe space to explore your sensual or glamorous side, allowing you to shine.  You’ll feel safe, relaxed and completely in control. If you are still curious about why we think a boudoir photo-shoot is one of the best things you can do for yourself, set up a meeting and let’s schedule a shoot for you to explore your inner diva.
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Peter is a genius! I enjoyed my shoot tremendously but it is what comes after the shoot that is the game changer! To see myself like this… Every women should experience that. Preferably more than once! I already have a few outfits lined up for another shoot! The only downside is not being able to share the stunning images with more people. A word of advice – let Peter push your boundaries a little. You won’t be sorry!

Charmaine Burger,
Sensual Photography