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Your Experience

This is not your everyday family portrait shoot and is something very different to what you would do every day! For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience and with that many questions could come to mind.

The following frequently asked question list will hopefully cover many of the questions that you may have from wardrobe selection to what to do on a boudoir photography shoot to selecting your final package.

In addition to this would will probably want to know how to prepare for your shoot, what makeup you will need, in this section we will try to answer many of those questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boudoir photography?

Sensual PhotographyThe beauty industry is thriving, as we love to pamper ourselves and spend an enormous amount of time and money in doing so be it purchasing the latest beauty products, fashion accessories, a new hairstyle, manicure, pedicures, fitness and even plastic surgery all to make us feel beautiful.

Boudoir photography is a lifelong investment in yourself as we will document and capture your beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

We are not interested in your body type or age as boudoir photography is for all shapes and sizes, our goal is to offer all women the incredible opportunity to commission their own collection of stunning and modern boudoir photography images. We will bring out and concentrate on your best features and provide you with something truly unique to show you how beautiful you are.

Our sessions are designed around your personality to give as a gift to yourself, or as a romantic gift to your partner, these sessions are designed with you in mind.

What products and packages do you offer and how much is a boudoir photography session?

Please view our Products gallery on our website to see what we offer. Send us an email to find out about our current investment guide in which you will find all of our products and packages designed for you. If you are impatient, then simply visit our website for all of our products and packages.

My boudoir photography session is now booked so how do I prepare?

Once you have paid your deposit and secured a booking, we will have a pre-meeting with you to allay all of your fears as well as discuss what to wear, or what not to wear. We will discuss what to do with your hair, eyebrow shaping, tanning, waxing and moisturising.

I am uncomfortable with nudity, what now?

How much you take off or leave on is purely up to your comfort levels, we have some clients that are really comfortable with their bodies and nudity and actually request a nude photoshoot, while others are a little more reserved. The choice can be left up to how comfortable you feel on the day. No always means no, so if we suggest anything you feel uncomfortable with telling us, this shoot is about you and your comfort levels. If you are uncomfortable that will translate to the final images and that is not the goal. Sexy is not always about how much you show but how you show it. Many men say that leaving something to the imagination is much sexier than baring all. If you do decide on a nude shoot we strive to give you classy and sensual images.

I am extremely nervous about my boudoir photoshoot, is this normal?

Don’t panic, it’s a natural feeling, even some professional models have admitted that they have been nervous before a shoot. We will guide you through the entire process from telling you how to pose to when to smile or just give us that sexy look. We show you how to get that sultry look and what to do with your head and hands, your goal is just to look fabulous. We know which angles to capture all body types to accentuate your beauty. We design our packages to allow you plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable, as already stated, this shows in the final images. So leave everything to us and relax and enjoy your experience.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

We have a makeup artist that will do your makeup before the shoot and any touch-ups you ask for during the shoot. We would like to recommend that you have your hair done prior to your selected boudoir photography session but can, at your cost, arrange for a hairdresser to be present either before the shoot or for the duration of your shoot.

What should I bring to my boudoir photoshoot and can you assist with my wardrobe?

We have a large selection of corsets, stockings, shoes and lingerie and we will see if we have your size during our pre-meeting. We would recommend that you bring a variety of lingerie, jewellery and shoes with killer heels to the pre-meeting so that we can best match it to the sets and boudoir shoot you decide upon.

How to select your lingerie:

  • bra and panty sets,
  • teddy,
  • a corset,
  • garters,
  • chemise,
  • camisole,
  • thigh high stockings and robes.
  • Black is often seen as the standard in sexy, but don’t forget that all colours are great and may give you a pleasant variety of looks to your final images.
  • Brides why don’t you bring your favourite white lingerie or better yet, the lingerie you plan to wear on your wedding day, we do have a veil and white garters but again if you prefer to.
  • a variety of high heels and high boots,
  • a personal item of your significant other
  • jewellery; particularly that favourite piece of yours
  • hats,
  • scarves,
  • ties.
  • Some of our clients have brought a piece of their partner’s favourite clothing or sporting equipment, have a look through our galleries for inspiration.

Don’t forget to cut all of your labels out before your shoot!

I have a little problem area that I don’t like about my body – is there anything you can do?boudoir gallery

We offer advanced retouching services that include skin perfecting, body contouring and feature enhancement, you decide on which wrinkles, acne, scars and tattoos you want left in, we don’t want to change you, we just want to give you that cover girl look.

When do I get to see my images and when will they be ready?

You will get to see your images immediately after your shoot after which we will take 14 – 21 working days to get your images back to you.

How many images can I choose and how many will you take on a session?

We take a number of images during your shoot, it all depends on the package you choose as to how many we will take and how many we edit, please visit our website for full details on the above. We will endeavour to keep your images for several years so if, at a later date you require additional images we can usually assist you with your request.

Will my images be shown on your website or in your studio?

We will only show images on our website, Facebook, Blog and studio if we get a full signed modelling release from you, so you can be rest assured, if you want to keep the shoot totally private we will not publicise any of our images. Your images will only be seen by our photographer, stylist and editor. We fully respect and understand the privacy of our clients.

I’d love to give a boudoir photography session as a gift. How do I go about doing that?

Visit our website to choose the package that you would like to gift and either call us or drop us an email to let us know. We will prepare a voucher, custom-designed, with your details as well as the details of the person to whom you are giving the gift.

If you still have any further questions that have not been answered above, please do not hesitate to call us to speak with us directly. We will be happy to help you.

If you have read this far, you are probably really serious about doing a shoot, we think that Boudoir Fusion Photography can offer you what you are looking for and look forward to seeing you soon.

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Preparing for Your Boudoir Photography Shoot

We will discuss most of these point in your pre-meeting, but if you cannot make it, these notes will assist you with your preparation or alternatively serve as a reminder.

Shaving and Waxing:

If you wax please do not have a wax the day before, please plan a few days ahead for this unless you know you are not going to come up in a rash, please note if you wax or shave you must do so for the shoot, if you like it au natural, then leave it that way.

Sun Bed and Fake Tan:

It is not necessary to have a tan for your boudoir shoot. If you do plan to tan, keep these tips in mind:

Please don’t use a tanning bed the day before the shoot, unless you like the lobster look.
Unprofessional spray tans can end up giving your skin an orange look to it, if you do decide to get a fake tan, stay away from the off the shelf products unless you have used them before and know they work. Remember there is nothing worse than tanned bottoms of feet and hands, so ensure they are protected.
Lastly, tan lines are not that cool, we recommend and ALL OVER tan if this is the root you choose.


It’s always nice to have your hair styled for the boudoir shoot, but if you can’t make sure your hair is clean and blow-dried. Clean hair gives a lovely shimmer in the pictures and styled hair adds so much volume to your hair. We do have straightener’s and curlers at the studio for our clients use.


Our poor neglected and forgotten feet! You may not notice them much but our camera will so make sure they are clean and toenails are polished. Bring wet wipes to make sure you keep them clean through the shoot.


Keep your body, especially your face, as hydrated as possible the days leading up to the shoot, so drink the recommended daily allowance of water. Moisturize yourself the night before and the morning of your shoot. Your skin will then have a wonderful glow to it and the makeup on your face will have a more polished look.


Stay off carbs the day before and of the boudoir shoot. Fruit is great for breakfast the day of the shoot, try not to have salad before the shoot as these and other foods can often bloat you, but ensure you keep your natural sugar levels up.

Manicure and Pedicure:

To get the best out of your intimate photography shoot we advise you go for a mani and a pedi, however if you cannot manage one, paint toes and nails the same colour, either neutral or a dark red, think about images you see in a magazine and how hands look. We normally recommend having a french manicure.


Boudoir Photography is sensual and even provocative, we will assist you with poses that will specifically compliment your body and your requirements. But there is no harm practising at home in the mirror, you can visit our blog and search for Boudoir Posing Ideas if you would like to practise. We don’t expect you to be a model when you get to us, but there is no harm in getting a few ideas, follow this link …

boudoir photograph gallery

Learn to Laugh

Being in front of a camera can be daunting, so start preparing yourself a few days before by relaxing in front of the mirror, laugh at yourself, seduce yourself, play around with looks and find the sex goddess in you.


Try to pack your things the day before your boudoir photography session so you are not rushed on the day of the shoot, or worrying about your partner catching you out with all these sexy outfits, yeah, try to explain that!! Please ensure that all tags have been cut out of your underwear.

Please wear as loose-fitting clothing as possible on the day of your boudoir shoot. The fewer lines on your body, the better, particularly if you have decided to do some nude photos.

Dry Body Brushing:

A couple of weeks before your photo shoot, start dry body brushing every day before your bath or shower.  Start at your feet and move up your body using wide, circular clockwise motions. In areas where your skin is thin, you can use light pressure and then obviously harder pressure in the thicker areas like the soles of your feet. Brush your arms after you have done your feet, legs and midsection.  After you have your bath or shower consider using a moisturiser on your skin.  Avoid areas with rashes, wounds, cuts or any other type of infection.

It is said that the benefits may include, stimulation of the lymphatic system, it can help you break down cellulite, it aids the body to rid itself of toxins, but most importantly to us, it exfoliates that skin, leaving it smooth and with a glow.  Once you do this for a few weeks and see the results, I am almost sure you will keep this up as a daily routine.

The day before the Shoot:

Most importantly is to get a good night’s rest, puffy eyes don’t make a good picture!

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Boudoir Pre-meeting

Boudoir Pre-meeting

We think all clients should attend a boudoir pre-meeting. This gives you the chance to meet with your photographers and also to discuss what type of images you would like to have taken. Most of our clients have actually commented how useful they found the meeting both in terms of assisting with alleviating their stress on the actual shoot day and also to assist them with preparing for the shoot.  You do have the option of doing this telephonically if you are unable to come into the studio.

At the pre-meeting we will discuss what you are comfortable with and what images you would like taken during your boudoir photo-shoot. We will discuss your outfits and decide on what you will wear for the shoot, but being the girls we are, this always gets added to on the day of the shoot because you just saw this lovely lingerie and had to have it!

Everybody has their own idea about themselves and how they look, this is our opportunity to meet the individual in you before the shoot, and for you to meet the people you are entrusting yourself and your body to. We want to build an intimate photography shoot around your expectations and personality not to mention your comfort levels.

Our ultimate aim for the pre-meeting is to put your mind at ease with what to expect on the day of the boudoir Shoot.


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Your Boudoir Photography Shoot is designed to take you out of your world and place you in a world of luxurious glamour. Our intention is not to make you someone else but rather to highlight your best qualities. We want to make you feel like a supermodel, and makeup is the first step.

Your makeup will be applied professionally and is applied in the traditional ‘bridal’ look so it has a more natural appearance, however, the entire decision making is yours, so if you want your make up more smoky and sensual, or outrageous fashion, we will create your desired look.

Bad makeup or inferior makeup products can ruin an image, that is why we include professional makeup in all of our packages, even the Taste of Boudoir.  You can obviously use your own makeup artist as long as they are a professional and understand how different product reacts with the lights we will be using.  A camera sometimes does not always capture the vibrant colours that you will see in the mirror.  This is one of the reasons that even when you are going for that natural look your makeup artist will exaggerate the makeup that they apply.

At Boudoir Fusion Photography we will only use top quality makeup products such as Kryolan and MUD as the cheaper products often leave you with crease marks or looking wrinkly and they can also look cakey in your photographs.  Unless you are going for that hard workout gym look, most women do not like their face to look shiny, so to counteract this we use matte products.  Now your lips are another story here you probably want them to look alluring, plum and with a bit of a shine to them, we will make them look fuller and more attractive.

For your eyes, false eyelashes are the order of the day, they give your images that little extra something.  Remember that your eyes are the focal point in most portrait images, our makeup artist will make them stand out and exaggerate them as the bolder they are the more defined they will appear.  Your eyes will get 3-4 different shades in them to achieve this bold look.

You also have the option of choosing an additional makeup look for your photoshoot.

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Editing – Post Production

Photo editing can be fairly simplistic or quite complex depending on the clients needs.  You may have heard of photo editing referred to as Photoshopping, retouching or even airbrushing.  In some instances retouches will manipulate the image changing the entire look of the person, we do not do photo manipulation.  Our goal is to give you magazine quality images by making slight adjustments.  Our makeup and lighting is already going to make a big difference to your images.

This process, depending on our workload usually takes around 14 to 21 working days, if you need your images quicker, at a premium we can accommodate you.

We offer two types of editing, Standard Editing and Advanced Editing, one taking considerably more time than the other.  You do also have the choice of receiving minimal edits where we will leave you looking as natural as possible.

Please note that our edits, depending on if it is a standard edit or advanced edit will be similar to what you see in our galleries.  Revisions or alterations to any edits will be charged for, at the relevant prices listed below, i.e. R250 for a Standard Edit and R350 for a Full edit.

Standard Edit

  • Reduce wrinkles, this is not always required.
  • Remove spots, pimples and bruises as well as other blemishes.
  • Some women hate their stretchmarks, reduced.
  • Cellulite is reduced.
  • Basic skin softening will be applied.
  • You will receive all of your chose files web ready, these will be able to be viewed on a full PC screen without loss of detail.  Full print images will be available for purchase.

Advanced Edit

These edits take considerably more time to complete than a standard edit.

  • Reduce wrinkles, this is not always required.
  • Remove spots, pimples and bruises as well as other blemishes.
  • Some women hate their stretchmarks, these will be removed if you are one of them.
  • Cellulite is removed.
  • Your eyes will also be slightly enhanced.
  • Basic skin softening will be applied.
  • We will do all of the nipping and tucking and can even make you look slightly slimmer.
  • Dodging and Burning, which is where we make the image stand out more, almost giving it a 3 dimensional look.
  • Enlarging and reducing.
  • You will receive all of your chose files web ready, these will be able to be viewed on a full PC screen without loss of detail.  Full print images will be available for purchase.

Beyond Advanced Edits

If you would like veins removed or skin tones matched, due to spray tans, tan lines etc, there will be an additional charge over and above what has been listed for Standard and Advanced edits.

All edits you receive will be done similar to what you see in our galleries, if after you receive your edits you want additional changes made to them, there will be a surcharge per change.

For those that would like to know more about the principles behind your images:

We as professional photographers have two main options when we take an image we will either shoot in JPEG format or RAW format.  When one starts editing images, there is a vast difference between the two formats.


JPEG is an abbreviation for Joint Photographic Experts Group.  This is the most commonly used file format and it will be found in most point and shoot cameras and smart phones and tablet. Most computers can open a JPEG image.  There is a special algorithm that compresses the file with an acceptable amount in loss of data.  When we edit we like to use all of the available data, so although we will present you with your images in JPEG format we like to use as much data as possible before we get to this final stage.  JPEG images are also small in comparison with RAW images.


A RAW file does not damage any of the data using compression algorithms, this files is uncompressed, considerably larger and needs specialised software to open the files.  They could also be considered to be digital negatives containing all of the unprocessed data.  The strange thing to a non professional editor is the JPEG images appear to be sharper and have more colour than the flat looking RAW images, but for those of you that remember the old film cameras, a RAW image could be seen as these negatives.  In layman’s terms if you were to scan an old photo you would have a JPEG image and if you were to use the old negative film and have it developed you would have a RAW photo, so you have far more control over the RAW files than you do the JPEG files.

Advantages of your photographer shooting in RAW

To make things more understandable lets look at colour, a 12-Bit RAW image has over 68 billion colours with 4096 shades of Red, Green and Blue. A 14-Bit RAW file has around 4.3 trillion possible colours.  A JPEG file usually has around 16 million colours containing 256 shades of Red, Green and Blue.  JPEG images also suffer from image compression artefacts.

An 8-bit JPEG format contains 256 shades of Red, Green and blue (16 million), a 12-Bit RAW image contains the most amount of information with 4096 shades of Red, Green and Blue (68 billion colours). We shoot 14-Bit RAW files which equate to around 4.3 trillion possible colours.  RAW files do not suffer from image compression artefacts, that is when your image looks a little blurry.

One of the great things with a RAW file is that you can use a program like Photoshop which uses very advanced sharpening algorithms where a JPEG file is automatically sharpened.  Photographers will debate the advantages of both systems until a better one is developed but we personally like to work of RAW files.

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group it is pronounced Jay Peg and has a file extension of .JPG uses an internationally agreed algorithm to compress the image resulting in a loss of data.

RAW – Contains minimally process data from the digital camera and are not yet processed.

boudoir photographer South Africaboudoir photographer South Africa
boudoir photographer South Africaboudoir photographer South Africa
boudoir photographer South Africaboudoir photographer South Africa

Posing Ideas


Please choose all options that apply.
Please choose the package that interests you.
Please choose all options that apply. Please also note that the number of images you receive will be dictated by how many edits you choose. Please see our section on editing to understand the difference between edits.
Please choose all options that apply.
Pick a month that you would like to do your shoot in.