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“Where an image is not just a picture, but an experience”

We love boudoir photography and pride ourselves with over 10 custom built dedicated sets.  We strive to offer you a professional experience from beginning to end. We do all types of photography but our main focus is intimate photography.

Boudoir Photography shot mainly on our lighter sets.We have taken the original meaning of Boudoir, and fused it with a modern touch. Derived from no other than the sexy and liberated French, the Boudoir was a room girls were sent when in a sulky mood. Anybody knows, give a girl some time to herself, especially when feeling a bit mischievous, and all sorts of naughty games are going to be thought of. And so the boudoir developed into a woman’s private sitting room. No doubt, back in those days men thought woman only had silly frivolous thoughts, I’m quite sure many a coup was developed in a Boudoir.

And now in modern times the boudoir, as we see it, has reversed. Women hold powerful positions and don’t need to ‘think’ in secret! But we do need a fun place to indulge ourselves, a place where you can be sensual and luxurious without question, to pout in total privacy!

The experience we offer is definitely a melting pot of emotions, we want you to feel sensual and sultry, like a Grecian goddess and the shoot is a fun experience. We like lots of giggling, teasing, bubbles of personality and a good deal of pouting! We view our studio as a place where creativity and personalities are free to mix, a place where we take having a good time very seriously!

We are not your traditional Boudoir Photographers, we have taken an art form and fused it into several similar forms of photography to create a style that fulfills your needs.

Have a look through our galleries for ideas for your shoot, visit our packages page to see which package and price will best fit your needs.

If you are nervous about your shoot, see what other clients have had to say in their testimonials. All importantly we would like you to visit our experience page to give you an idea of what to expect before, during and after our boudoir shoot.

Sensual, elegant, flirtatious, glamorous, romantic, desirable, mother, lover,… “I am all woman” Capture the woman you are forever… Book a shoot now

A fusion of Boudoir Photography and intimate photography